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Why Multitasking Is Not Creatively Productive

We all want to be creative and productive at the same time. Experts say multitasking is NOT the way to do both. Here are 8 reasons why multitasking is not creatively productive.

1. It makes you easily distracted. Thus, reducing focus and concentration.

2. It slows down efficiency and cognitive performance.

3. Constantly switching tasks leads to poor decision-making, even your ability to control and manage emotions.

4. It delays your productivity like a traffic jam. The more tasks in your mind at once, the longer the line gets.

5. Studies show that about 20% to 40% of your time is wasted if you frequently switch tasks in a day.

6. Many tasks remain half-done. It also lowers the quality of your work, increases error, and increases rework.

7. It puts you under a lot of pressure, which results to stress and anxiety... and eventually burnout.

8. It weakens the memory but overloads the brain. So it's generally not healthy for your creative brain.

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