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The Animators Operating System™ is the key to success for any freelance animator.


Learn how to consistently attract the right prospects.


Convert those prospects into paying clients.


Produce high-performing videos fast.


Promote your client's videos to help them get new clients.

Our Mission

We aim to help animators build a successful freelance career or studio by learning the business side of animation.

Free Marketing Handbook

Discover the only 3 ways of attracting new animation clients with 22 total marketing tactics you can try.

Who We Are

Founded by Ben Marvazi
Since 2011, Ben Marvazi has grown a highly successful animation studio in Los Angeles to 7-figures - working with clients like Uber, Kaiser, NASA, Intuit, Pfizer, Verizon, Dunkin Donuts, Anheuser-Busch, Capital One, Comedy Central, FOX, Cisco, and many more!

Now, Ben focuses his time on helping animators get to six and seven figure incomes with proven systems, processes, and techniques that he’s learned through trial and error over the past 9+ years as a studio owner, and 16+ years as an entrepreneur and marketer.

Since Ben Marvazi’s background is in marketing and entrepreneurship rather than in animation, he’s able to offer the necessary training, tools, and resources most animators lack - in order to succeed in the growing business of animation.

How We Can Help Animators

Free Handbook

Discover the only 3 ways of attracting animation clients with 22 total marketing tactics you can try and use to start consistently getting new clients today.

Free Masterclass

Learn how to build a 6-figure freelance animation business even if you think you don't have enough experience, money, clients, or confidence.

Animation Accelerator

Our premiere online training program for animators who have completed our free masterclass and are serious about taking the next step to grow their businesses.

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9 Ways Animators Can Provide Great Customer Service

When you hear the word customer service, what comes to mind? Is it answering customer questions, solving problems, delivering on a promise? Customer service is even more than that. If you want to make a powerful impression on your customers, you need to level up your customer service skills. As an animator, you’re expected to […]

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7 Steps for Running Profitable Animation Ads

The incredible power and results of online marketing is more widely known than ever. That’s why individuals and businesses are leveling up their strategies by using online platforms. Advertising online allows you to create your perfect ad campaign easily and efficiently. With online ads, you can reach and engage with a huge audience and target […]

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14 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Website Designer for Your Animation Website

Working with a website designer is a significant investment and takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why, before you solicit a web designer to work on your animation website, you have to be sure that they’re the best fit for your website needs. Instead of trusting your site to someone after exchanging one […]

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How & Why You Should Start an Animation Blog

If you’ve been an animator for years now, odds are that you have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with newer animators. Luckily, there’s a way to help other animators thrive in the industry while simultaneously expanding your reach and legitimizing your business. The answer is blogging!  Blogging has been around for around […]

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How Animators Can Create Powerful Lead Magnets

As an animator, you know that turning your leads into clients is one of the most difficult but important parts of the business. Every animator wishes they had an easy time pushing sales leads down their marketing funnel, but looking for and converting new leads can often take a back seat to all the other […]

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5 Reasons Why Animators Must Automate Emails

Even as tech evolves faster than ever, email is still undoubtedly the best electronic communication there is and is still relevant in business communication.  So what makes email stand out as a top-tier form of communication? It’s all about the basic principles. The greatest factor in email’s time-tested efficacy is the fact that email is […]

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Pros and Cons of Different Animation Project Payment Terms

Payment terms determine how and when you, as a freelance animator, will get paid by your animation clients. They contain everything related to payment, including deposits, who pays for what expense, payment methods, payment deadlines, and late payment penalties. According to Twine, freelance animators are usually the ones who set the payment terms. It’s rare […]

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4 Ways to Develop Your Own Animation Style

Even if you’ve been animating for a long time now, you may still feel like you don’t know what defined your personal style of animation. Or maybe you know your style, but want to change it. You may not be sure how to develop new a animation style because you’re afraid of deviating from the […]

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The Future of the Animation Industry

Animation is an ever-changing industry. You’ve surely noticed that the animation style you grew up with as a kid has morphed into something entirely new. Well, since the very beginning, animation has been evolving into what we see today.   We first saw animation in movies and shorts. Now, we see it in TV shows, ads, […]

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