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Tired of Not Making Enough Money as an Animator?

Learn how to make over $10,000 per month as a freelance animator or an aspiring studio owner by applying actionable trade secrets and proven strategies used by Ben Marvazi to reach 7 figures in his own animation studio.


Are You an Animator That Deals These Issues?

Struggling to Find Animation Clients Consistently?

Do you spend hours every week hustling for new clients? Have you tried all the conventional methods, like cold emailing and social media outreach, but nothing seems to stick? Or maybe you still haven’t landed that first client?
The feast or famine cycle can be exhausting and demoralizing. You pour your heart and soul into your work, but without a consistent stream of clients, it's hard to make ends meet.
The stress of not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from can weigh heavily on you, leaving you feeling hopeless and frustrated. If you're tired of constantly chasing down new clients, we understand.
Join our Animation Business Accelerator, the number one business program for animators, and learn how to attract a consistent stream of clients without the stress and hustle of traditional methods.

Tired of Scraping by on Low-Paying Animation Gigs?

You’ve probably tried everything you can think of to attract higher paying clients - from revamping your portfolio to networking with industry professionals.
But no matter what you do, it seems like you’re still stuck in a cycle of mediocre projects and meager paychecks.
It’s frustrating, demoralizing, and it’s starting to feel like there’s no way out. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Many animators struggle to break free from low-paying clients, even when they know they deserve better.
But don’t give up hope just yet - there are still options out there that can help you take your career to the next level.
Transform your animation business and attract high-paying clients with the #1 business program for animators - the Animation Business Accelerator.

Lack of Business Knowledge Holding You Back as an Animator?

As an animator, you've poured countless hours into honing your craft. But no matter how hard you've tried, you still feel like you're missing something crucial.
Maybe you've scoured the internet for resources, attended workshops, or even gone back to school for further education.
Yet, you're still struggling to feel confident in your skills. Nothing caters to your specific needs as an animator navigating the animation industry.
You're not alone in feeling this way. Many animators face the same challenge of not having enough knowledge, information, or education to succeed. It's time to take a step back and reevaluate how to move forward.
Enroll in the Animation Business Accelerator program, the number one business program for animators, and gain the knowledge, tools, and support you need to overcome your business challenges and achieve success in your animation career.

Think You Can't Kickstart Your Animation Career Due to a Lack of Funds?

You've poured your heart and soul into animating, but no matter how much you try, you just can't seem to get your finances in order.
Maybe you've taken on more freelance work, cut back on expenses, or even picked up a part-time job, but the money still isn't there.
You're at your wit's end, wondering if you'll ever be able to get your animation career off the ground. Sound familiar? It's a common struggle among animators. You're not alone in feeling like there's no solution in sight.
Don't let financial challenges hold you back from achieving your animation dreams. Join Animation Business Accelerator and gain the expertise, resources, and assistance you need to thrive, even if you're starting with limited resources.

Struggling to Start an Animation Career Without Experience?

Are you struggling to get your foot in the door as an animator because you lack experience? You've probably tried everything, from online tutorials to networking, but nothing seems to help.
It can be frustrating and discouraging when you feel like your lack of experience is holding you back from achieving your career goals. You may feel like you're at a disadvantage compared to other animators, who have more experience under their belts.
But keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. Don't let the fear of inexperience hold you back from pursuing your passion.
Instead, embrace every opportunity to learn and grow as an animator, and eventually, your experience will catch up with your talent.
Overcome the challenge of limited experience in the animation industry - join the top-ranked Animation Business Accelerator program and take your career to the next level.

Is Time Management Ruining Your Animation Career?

Are you struggling to find enough time to manage your animation business efficiently? Do you often find yourself working long hours, only to fall short of your goals? Have you tried various time management techniques, but none of them seem to work?
You need to juggle multiple projects, meet tight deadlines, and constantly search for new clients. Time management is a crucial aspect of your business, and if not handled well, it can become a significant obstacle to your success.
Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of progress? Many animators face the same challenges in their business, and it's time to address this critical issue.
Running an animation business can be challenging, especially when it comes to time management. The Animation Business Accelerator offers the support and resources you need to streamline your workflow, achieve more in less time, and take your business to the next level.

Not Sure How to Start an Animation Business? Don't Know Where to Begin?

Have you tried researching online or talking to others in the industry, but still find yourself without a clear plan of action?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and unsure of which steps to take first?
Starting your own animation business can be daunting, especially when you don't know where to start. But don't give up just yet.
It's important to acknowledge that the first step to success is admitting that you need assistance. So, are you ready to take that first step?
Stop struggling to figure out how to start your animation business and start taking action today with the proven guidance, resources, lessons, and tools of the Animation Business Accelerator.

Allowing Self-Doubt and Fear Hold You Back as an Animator?

Do you constantly find yourself stuck in your comfort zone, afraid to take risks and move your career forward? Maybe you've tried different methods to build confidence, but nothing seems to work.
You're not sure how to break out of this cycle and move on to the next level. It's understandable to feel stuck, but staying in this pattern could lead to missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential.
If you're finding it hard to take the next step, it's important to acknowledge your fears and work through them. Don't let fear hold you back from achieving your dreams.
Animation Business Accelerator can help you build the confidence and skills necessary to create a thriving animation business, allowing you to produce your best work and live the life you've always wanted. Enroll today and unlock your full potential as an animator.

Losing Out on Clients Because You Lack Sales and Negotiation Skills?

You've spent countless hours perfecting your craft, but when it comes to closing a sale or negotiating a fair price, you freeze up.
Maybe you've tried lowering your rates or offering extra services, but it still doesn't seem to work. It's frustrating to see potential clients slip away because you can't seem to sell yourself or your services effectively.
You're not sure what else to try, and the fear of losing more business is looming over you. How can you turn things around and start making the sales you deserve?
Stop selling yourself short and start making the sales you deserve with the help of Animation Business Accelerator!

Is Your Day Job Destroying Your Dream of Becoming an Animator?

Are you finding it difficult to pursue your dream of becoming a successful animator due to the demands of your full-time job?
It doesn't matter if you're working in an office, a retail store, or any other industry, we understand the frustration of not being able to devote yourself fully to your passion.
Have you tried cutting back your hours, working weekends, or sacrificing your personal life to make time for your art? Despite your best efforts, do you feel like you're not making any progress?
If you're finding it difficult to balance your professional responsibilities with your passion for animation, know that many other talented animators have faced this same challenge.
Don't let your full-time job hold you back from pursuing your dream of becoming a successful animator. Enroll in Animation Business Accelerator and gain the knowledge and tools to overcome this obstacle.

Is a Lack of Connections Hurting Your Animation Career?

Are you tired of feeling like an island in your animation career? Have you tried attending networking events, reaching out to industry professionals, and cold-emailing studios to no avail?
As an animator, you have a unique set of skills, but without connections and a support system, it can feel like you're stuck in place.
You know how to create incredible animations, but you're not sure how to get your work in front of the right people.
It can be discouraging and frustrating, but know that you're not alone in feeling this way. Many animators struggle with building a network, and it's not your fault.
If you're tired of feeling like an outsider in the animation industry, it's time to join the Animation Business Accelerator.

Helpless When It Comes to Marketing Your Animation Business?

As an animator, you've spent countless hours mastering your craft, but now you find yourself struggling to get clients and make a living because of your lack of marketing knowledge.
You've tried reading books, watching YouTube tutorials, and maybe even attending a marketing seminar, but nothing seems to work. You're at a loss for what to do next and feel like you're spinning your wheels.
It's frustrating to have the talent to create amazing animations but not have the marketing knowledge to promote your services. Is your lack of marketing knowledge causing your animation business to suffer?
Don't let your lack of marketing skills hold you back from realizing your full potential as an animator. Join the Animation Business Accelerator and learn how to promote your services and grow your business.

Is Your Animation Portfolio Holding You Back From Success?

As an animator, you know that having a killer portfolio is essential for attracting new clients and growing your business. But how do you know when you've done enough projects to make your portfolio stand out?
You've been hustling hard to build your body of work, but it seems like there's always more to do, more projects to complete, and more skills to master. You're left wondering if you'll ever be able to create a portfolio that truly represents your talent and expertise.
Don't let self-doubt hold you back. It's time to take a closer look at what you've accomplished so far and figure out how to make the most of your existing work.
Don't let a weak portfolio keep you from landing your dream clients. Join Animation Business Accelerator and level up your portfolio today.

Struggle with Procrastination and Motivation as an Animator?

Do you find yourself constantly battling with a lack of motivation, always putting off your work until the last minute, and struggling to get things done because you just can't seem to get going?
Have you tried all the common tactics to snap out of it, like setting goals, breaking tasks into smaller steps, or using timers, only to find that none of them work? If you feel like you're stuck in a rut and don't know how to move forward, you're not alone.
The constant cycle of procrastination and laziness can be a frustrating and overwhelming problem that many animators face, and it's important to recognize the severity of the issue to find a way to overcome it.
Stop allowing procrastination to keep you from reaching your full animation potential. Sign up for Animation Business Accelerator and unlock the tools and motivation you need to succeed.

Frustrated with the Challenges of Managing Animation Clients?

As an animator, you're used to bringing characters to life with ease, but when it comes to communicating with clients, it's like you're speaking a completely different language.
You've tried being more assertive, taking on more client-friendly projects, and even taking a course on effective communication, but nothing seems to work.
Now you're stuck, feeling like you're constantly hitting a wall every time you try to communicate with your clients.
Don't let client communication hold your animation business back - enroll in Animation Business Accelerator today, the ultimate program for animators seeking to take control of their business relationships.

Stuck Without a Mentor to Guide Your Animation Career?

Do you ever feel like you're lost in a sea of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to advancing your animation career? Are you tired of not having anyone to turn to for advice or guidance on the business side of things?
Perhaps you've already tried searching for a mentor or coach, but had no luck finding someone who truly understands your unique needs as an animator.
You may have even asked friends or colleagues for help, but found that their advice wasn't quite what you were looking for.
If you're feeling frustrated and unsure about what to do next, it's not uncommon for animators to face this same struggle, which can be incredibly overwhelming.
Discover how Animation Business Accelerator has helped many successful animators overcome these struggles and achieve success in their animation business.

Afraid of Failing as an Animator?

As an animator, you have honed your craft and have put countless hours into perfecting your skills. But despite your talent, you can't help but feel overwhelmed by the thought of failing.
The fear of not being good enough, not getting enough clients, or not making enough money can be paralyzing. You may have tried different approaches to overcome this fear, such as positive affirmations or seeking reassurance from others, but nothing seems to work.
Now you're left feeling stuck, not knowing what to do next. If you're tired of feeling held back by your fear of failure, there is a way to break free from this self-imposed barrier.
Discover how Animation Business Accelerator has helped many successful animators overcome their fears and achieve success in their animation business.

Tired of Struggling to Animate on Your Slow or Outdated Computer?

As an animator, you know that having the right equipment is crucial to producing high-quality work on time. Do you wish you could afford a better computer to take your animation career to the next level?
Our Animation Business Accelerator program will teach you how to become successful as a freelance animator, giving you the financial freedom to invest in the tools you need to succeed. Don't let outdated technology hold you back any longer. Join our program and unlock your full potential as an animator.
Say goodbye to computer frustrations and hello to animation success with Animation Business Accelerator.

Are Your Animation Skills Holding You Back?

Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to perfect your animation skills, but still feeling like they're just not good enough?
Have you tried every tutorial, course, and mentor available, but still can't seem to improve your skills? Are you starting to doubt your ability to make it in the animation industry?
If so, you're not alone. Many animators face this same struggle and it can be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. You may be feeling lost and unsure of what to do next, but take heart in knowing that there are ways to overcome this hurdle.
Are you ready to stop doubting your animation skills and start excelling in your business? Sign up for Animation Business Accelerator today.

Want to Own an Animation Studio Without Animation Skills?

You dream of owning an animation studio, but there's just one problem: you don't know how to animate. You might think that without this crucial skill, starting an animation studio is impossible.
You might have even considered taking animation courses or trying to learn on your own, but it all seems too daunting. So where does that leave you?
Can you really start an animation studio without knowing how to animate? Or is this dream just out of reach?
You don't need to be an animator to start an animation studio – let the Animation Business Accelerator show you how.

Can You Start Your Animation Career Before You Graduate?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of animation school, struggling to find the time to fully learn everything before starting your career?
Have you tried sacrificing sleep and social activities to catch up, but still feel like you're falling behind? Perhaps you've even thought about putting your dreams on hold until you graduate?
It's a common belief that you need to fully learn animation before starting your career, but is this really true? Are you holding yourself back by waiting until graduation?
Many animators find themselves in the same position, struggling to balance the demands of animation school with the desire to start their career.
You don't have to wait until graduation to start your animation career. Join Animation Business Accelerator and find out how you can start building your dream while you’re still in school.

Waiting for the Right Time to Start Your Animation Business?

Have you been putting off starting your animation business because you feel like the timing isn't quite right?
Maybe you've been waiting for that big break or the perfect opportunity to present itself. But let's be honest, there's never a "perfect" time to start a business.
You may have tried to research more, plan everything out in detail, or even wait for more experience, but still find yourself stuck.
You're not alone in feeling this way, but the longer you wait, the more opportunities you're missing out on. It's time to stop making excuses and take the leap.
Stop waiting for the right time to start your animation business and start taking action with the proven strategies of Animation Business Accelerator.

Struggling with the Business Side of Animation?

As an animator, you know your craft inside and out. But when it comes to running your own animation business, do you find yourself struggling?
Maybe you've tried reading business books or watching videos, but still feel like you're missing something and that not all those lessons relate to your unique position as an animator. Are you frustrated that you can't seem to get ahead no matter how hard you work?
If you're feeling lost and overwhelmed with the business side of animation, you're not alone. Many animators face this same struggle and feel like there's no solution in sight.
But don't give up hope just yet. There are ways to overcome this challenge and achieve success in your business.
Transform your animation business by mastering the business side of things with Animation Business Accelerator - the ultimate solution to your lack of business skills.

Solve Any Issue You’re Dealing With By Enrolling in The Number One Business Program For Animators

Animation Business Accelerator™ is a one-of-a-kind business program that gives you everything you need to succeed.

On-Demand Video Lessons

Everything you need to learn how to start and grow a freelance animation business or studio.
Easy to understand and put into action right away.

Fill in the Blank Plans & Templates

Templates & worksheets to help you plan and put everything into action.
Make sense of everything you learn and relate it to your specific situation.

Mini Courses For Max Impact

Access to additional courses that deep dive into specific topics you’ll find very valuable.
Courses like: “Website Best Practices”, “SEO Made Easy”, and more.

Extensive Hand-Picked Resources

Get access to resources like contracts, pre-written emails, and more.
These are all resources that Ben uses in his own studio on a daily basis.

Streamlined Lesson Planning

Learn alongside a proven lesson plan that helps any animator kickstart their business or animation studio.
Streamline your business journey as an animator at any point in your career.

Bonuses & Ongoing Updates

Even more bonuses to help you succeed as a freelance animator or studio owner.
Access to ongoing updates, additions, and anything else we feel you’ll get value from.

Hear What Other Animators Say

Meet Your Animation Business Coach

Ben Marvazi

Ben Marvazi LinkedIn
Get ready to meet Ben Marvazi - a powerhouse entrepreneur who's been crushing the game for over 20 years. Back in 2011, he founded Promoshin, an animation studio that skyrocketed to 7-figure success.
And the clients he's worked with? Let's just say they're some of the biggest names out there - Uber, NASA, McDonald’s, and more. But here's the thing: Ben's not just about his own success. He's a born leader who loves sharing his secrets with others.
And that's why he's now helping aspiring animators find their own path to glory. With years of trial and error under his belt, he's got proven systems that will take your business to the next level.
Want to learn from the best? Look no further than Ben Marvazi. With a background in marketing and entrepreneurship, he's got the perfect blend of skills to help you thrive. Whether you're a freelancer or a studio owner, he's got the training and tools you need to hit over $10,000 per month.
Ready to join the Business of Animation revolution? It's time to take your career to the next level.

Why Is Ben Revealing His Studio’s Secrets?

After overcoming cancer, Ben found a renewed sense of purpose to share his secrets to success and help others achieve their dreams.
He founded the Business of Animation to empower animators to help them build thriving freelance careers and studios.
Ben's mission is to use his experience, knowledge, and resources to help 10,000 animators turn their passion into a sustainable and profitable career.
Ben finds great fulfillment in seeing other animators achieve their dreams , and it gives him a sense of purpose and meaning in his life, after his own struggles.

Our Clients Include

Join Animation Business Accelerator™ to learn how you too can get client’s like these.
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See What Other Animators Have To Say

Samantha O.

I haven't found anyone online who has offered to breakdown animation as a business. You most times see tutorials and techniques in form of course or YouTube tutorial but nothing that teaches the business of it, and I believe you guys see the problem and dedicated to teaching this. I believe you are the right people to put my trust in.

Franco G.

As the owner of the studio I feel we are always getting clients from referrals, but we need to work and improve our marketing and selling strategies.

Rasheeda C.

I am tired of being stuck where I am in life. I have this desire to be able to provide a service for small business and helping the grow. The goal is to not only leave a legacy but be apart of change. Through my creative mindset and entrepreneur appetite a change is going to come. It has to, this burning in me will not let it go.

Ad M.

I watched the Masterclass and the strategies, tools and techniques sound like knowledge that I need to attain in order for my business to be as successful as I want it to be.

Noel Q.

What attracted me to wanting to grow my animation business was the prospect that it could be much more. Having reliable clients that offer fun, challenging and engaging projects on a constant basis is a freelancers dream. Its all about what this opportunity could do for me now and what benefits it could have in the future.

David I.

I saw what animators that went through the same process, how their lives changed so I decided to level up with the acceleration program. I did not want to be left out from such a great opportunity.

Start Making Over $10,000 Per Month Through The Animators Operating System™

Learning the Animators Operating System™, a four-part framework designed to teach animators and studio owners the business skills needed to succeed in the modern world.


Learn how to consistently attract the right prospects to your animation business.


Discover how to convert those prospects into valuable, long-term paying clients.


Produce high-performing videos fast and make ongoing videos for clients every month.


Secure an additional source of consistent income by promoting your client’s videos.

The Modules & Lessons We’ll Cover

Module 1

Getting Your Mind Right

Lesson 1

Introduction To The Animation Business Accelerator Program

Lesson 2

Master Your Mindset, Crush Imposter Syndrome, & Achieve Desire

Lesson 3

Create a Clear Vision, Set Smart Goals, & Redefine Your Lifestyle

Lesson 4

The Business of Animation Framework: Animators Operating System

Module 2

Animation Business Fundamentals

Lesson 1

The Importance of Finding Your Animation Industry Niche

Lesson 2

Establish a Distinctive Unique Selling Proposition & Define Your Brand Identity

Lesson 3

How To Turn Your Animation Business Into a Legal Entity

Lesson 4

An Animator's Guide to Banking, Taxes & Bookkeeping

Lesson 5

How To Accurately Price Your Animation Services to Get Top Dollar

Lesson 6

Animation Video Retainers: The Secret to Stable & Consistent Income

Lesson 7

How To Effectively Collect Payments From Clients

Module 3

Winning With Websites

Lesson 1

Start Building Your Online Presence With a Website Domain & Hosting

Lesson 2

How To Brand Your Website & Stand Out From Competitors

Lesson 3

Setting Up Your Website to Convert Visitors Into Clients

Lesson 4

Creating a Prominent Portfolio & Captivating Demo Reel That Clients Will Love

Lesson 5

Using Social Proof to Build Trust and Credibility

Lesson 6

How To Use Website Analytics To Drive More Sales

Lesson 7

Improving Customer Service & Sales Through Website Chat

Module 4

Free Marketing Strategies

Lesson 1

Successfully Using Cold Outreach as a Free & Effective Marketing Tool

Lesson 2

Using Social Media as a Free Marketing Tool To Gain Exposure & Clients

Lesson 3

How to Get Free Clients Using Search Engine Optimization

Lesson 4

Utilizing Other Free Marketing Methods To Get Clients

Module 5

Paid Marketing Strategies

Lesson 1

Understanding Direct Responses vs. Branding Paid Marketing Strategies

Lesson 2

Learning The Difference Between Push & Pull Marketing Strategies

Lesson 3

How Good Ads Can Get You Clients Fast

Lesson 4

Effectively Generating More Leads With Facebook & Instagram Ads

Lesson 5

Getting High-Quality Leads With LinkedIn 

Lesson 6

How to Expand Your Reach & Get Clients With YouTube Ads

Lesson 7

How To Increase Sales With Other Paid Marketing Platforms

Module 6

Partnership Marketing

Lesson 1

Comprehensive Guide To Successful Partnership Marketing Campaigns

Module 7

Mastering Sales

Lesson 1

Understanding Direct Responses vs. Branding Paid Marketing Strategies

Lesson 2

Creating an Effective Sales Funnel That Turns Leads Into Clients

Lesson 3

Mastering The Four Stages of Negotiation To Win Over More Clients

Lesson 4

Turn Undecided Prospects Into Paying Clients With Effective Sales Calls

Lesson 5

Save Yourself From Getting Sued or Taken Advantage of With Proposals & Contracts

Lesson 6

Easily Double Your Income By Upselling & Cross-Selling More Services

Module 8

All About Production

Lesson 1

Discover The Most Popular Types of Videos You Can Sell To Your Clients

Lesson 2

Learn How To Effectively Communicate With Clients & Make Them Love You

Lesson 3

Save Tons of Time By Implementing The Latest & Greatest Software Tools

Lesson 4

Starting Projects Off Right to Ensure a Successful & Smooth Production Process

Module 8

All About Production

Lesson 5

How To Find The Best Scriptwriters For The Absolute Lowest Rates

Lesson 6

Our Proven System For Quickly Creating Storyboards & Illustrations Clients Love

Module 9

Working With a Team

Lesson 1

Proven System For Hiring Professional Voiceover Talent For Cheap

Lesson 2

Enhancing Your Videos With Top-Notch Sound Design

Lesson 3

Improving Your Production Process To Make Room For Lots of Projects

Lesson 4

How To End Your Project By Getting Feedback & More Work

Lesson 5

Saving Time & Money By Optimizing Your Workload With Automation

Module 10

Video Promotion Campaigns

Lesson 1

Starting Video Promotion Campaigns Right With Discovery & Questionnaires

Lesson 2

Creating Valuable Plans & Strategies For Client Video Promotion Campaigns

Lesson 3

Using Video Landing Pages To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Clients

Lesson 4

Ultimate Guide To Effective Video Promotion Campaigns For Your Clients

Lesson 5

Proving The Effectiveness of Your Client's Campaigns with tracking & Reporting

Module 11

Studio Owner Fundamentals

Lesson 1

What Differentiates a Studio Owner From a Freelance Animator

Lesson 2

An Easy-To-Understand Guide To Your Animation Studio's Finances & Cashflow

Lesson 3

The Fundamentals of Building Your Animation Studio Team

Lesson 4

How To Find Freelance Animators That Are a Perfect Fit For Your Studio

Module 12

Building & Managing Your Team Part 1

Lesson 1

How To Find Project Managers That Take Tons of Work Off Your Plate

Lesson 2

Pros & Cons of Marketing Agencies vs. Hiring a Marketer Internally

Lesson 3

How To Hire Social Media Marketers Even With a Small Budget

Module 13

Building & Managing Your Team Part 2

Lesson 1

Hiring Paid Advertising Marketers Who Can Bring In Tons of Leads

Lesson 2

How To Hire Salesperson Who Can Close Deals & Grow Your Studio

Lesson 3

Letting Go of Teammates & Freelancers Without Breaking Any Bridges

Module 14

Successful Studio Breakdowns

Lesson 1

A Behind-The-Scenes Look Into My Own Studio: A Complete Breakdown

Lesson 2

Valuable Lessons From Some Top Animation Studios That You Can Implement

How Animation Business Accelerator is 100 Times Better Than Business School For A Tiny Fraction of the Cost & Time

Animation Business Accelerator

Traditional Business School


Animation Business
General Business

Education Style


Time Required

10 or 14 Weeks
2-3 years


Ben Marvazi
Active 7-Figure Studio Owner
Retired Academics



Who Animation Business Accelerator Is For

vs. Who It's Not For




Animators who are at least a 6 out of 10 in skill level and can make a video from start to finish.


Animators who are still trying to learn how to make a video from scratch.


Animators who are open to understanding that learning the business of animation is more important than the quality of animation.


Animators who falsely believe the better the quality of your animation, the more successful you’ll be.


Animators who are open to understanding that spending more time on animation projects won’t make you more successful.


Animators who want to spend all their time perfecting every project instead of quickly moving to the next project.


Animators who are open to understanding that you don’t need much money to make a six-figure income as a freelance animator.


Animators who are dead set on thinking you need tons of money to be successful with your own freelance animation business.


Animators who are open to understanding that you don’t need as much experience as you would think and are ready to make the leap. 


Animators who are always going to think they need more experience before they can ever make it on their own.


Animators who are open to learning why working full-time on staff at an animation studio is inferior to being a freelance animator or owning your own studio.


Animators who are dead set on believing that ultimate success is only achieved when you get hired as a full-time on staff animator at a big animation studio.

Which of These Options Will You Choose?


Keep doing what you've been doing and get the same results you've been getting.


Learn how to grow your animation business through years of trial and error.


Fast track your success with proven training and support from someone who's done it.

6 FREE Highly Actionable Mini Courses

icon 1

Fastest Path
To Cash

Website Best Practices

icon number 3

SEO Made Easy

icon number 4

How to Find, Hire, & Work With Project Managers

Wealth Building & Investing Advice

Animation Pricing: Exploring Different Models

30 FREE Bonuses In Animation Business Accelerator

FREE Bonus 1:

12-Month Membership to the Animators Society
Enjoy a 12-month membership to the Animators Society. Benefit from accountability partners, exclusive resources, and valuable discussions to boost your career.

$1,300 Value

FREE Bonus 2:

Access to All Prerecorded Mentorship Calls with Ben
17 recorded mentorship calls with Ben, offering targeted business advice for freelance animators and studio owners.

$697 Value

FREE Bonus 3:

Animation Proposal & Contract Template
Create your own animation proposal and contract by using ours as a guide so you don't have to pay an attorney tons of money.

$497 Value

FREE Bonus 4:

Partnership Agreement Template
Use this professional partnership template as a guide when partnering with another business or person.

$497 Value

FREE Bonus 5:

Cheat Sheet of Popular Upsells & Add-ons To Make More Money From Each Client
Use Promoshin's upselling and cross-selling services presentation as a guide to increase the order size of each client you sign up.

$497 Value

FREE Bonus 6:

Mini-Course On The Fastest Path To Cash For Animation Studios
Learn strategies to rapidly monetize your animation skills and services, helping you achieve quick financial gains.

$197 Value

FREE Bonus 7:

Mini-Course on Website Best Practices For Animation Studios
Explore best practices for identifying, hiring, and collaborating with Project Managers to streamline your animation studio's operations.

$197 Value

icon of an increase in stock

FREE Bonus 8:

Ultimate Guide On SEO Made Easy For Animation Studios
Get a simplified guide to mastering Search Engine Optimization, aimed at boosting your studio's online visibility.

$197 Value

FREE Bonus 9:

Crash Course On How to Find, Hire, & Work With Project Managers For Your Animation Studio
Explore best practices for identifying, hiring, and collaborating with Project Managers to streamline your animation studio's operations.

$197 Value

FREE Bonus 10:

Mini-Course on Wealth Building & Investing Advice For Animation Studio Owners
Gain expert insights on how to diversify income streams and invest wisely for long-term financial stability in the animation industry.

$197 Value

FREE Bonus 11:

Cheat Sheet For Animation Pricing: Exploring Different Models
Dive into various pricing models and strategies to optimize profitability.

$197 Value

FREE Bonus 12:

Contract Creation Template for Animation Studios
Learn the basics of drafting secure and beneficial contracts to safeguard your animation studio's interests.

$197 Value

FREE Bonus 13:

Ultimate Guide on Leveraging Google Ads to Get Animation Clients Quickly
Master the art of using Google Ads for quick client acquisition in the competitive animation marketplace.

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Mini-Course on Quickly Writing Great Scripts with ChatGPT
Find out how to utilize AI for efficient and high-quality scriptwriting for your animation projects.

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FREE Bonus 15:

Crash Course to 7 Stages of Marketing & Sales Funnels for Animation Studios
Understand the critical stages in a sales funnel, specifically designed to increase your animation studio's conversion rates.

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FREE Bonus 16:

Disciplinary Action Policy Template For Employees
A detailed guide on the disciplinary action policy for your employees.

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Simple Guide to The Top 22 Videos You Can Make For Your Clients
This guide goes over 22 ways where video content can be used in your animation business. This is beneficial when searching for your niche in the animation industry.

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Monthly Income and Expenses Tracking Spreadsheet Template
These sample spreadsheets can be used as a guide to help you track your income and expenses. These spreadsheets will help you determine your animation business's monthly performance.

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The Ultimate Video Idea Cheat Sheet That Will Ensure Clients Keep Making More Videos
This infographic explains 48 videos that you can create which will ensure that clients continue making ongoing videos with you.

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Invoice Templates For Collecting Payments from Clients
These sample invoices can be used as a layout guide for your own personal invoices that you'll use for your animation business.

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FREE Bonus 21:

Easy-To-Implement Branding Guide Template
Follow this guide when designing the branding for your animation business website and brand.

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Scriptwriting Guidelines Templates
This information document provides our scriptwriting guidelines and a scriptwriting template.

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FREE Bonus 23:

Storyboard & Illustrations Guidelines Template
A complete step-by-step manual of our storyboarding & Illustrations including the creative brief, deliverables. and timeline.

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FREE Bonus 24:

Video Promotion Campaign Discovery Questionnaire Template
Start your client's video promotion campaigns off right with this guide of the questions you need to ask.

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FREE Bonus 25:

Studio Start-Up Costs Budget Template
Understand the amount it will take to start up your animation studio with a start-up cost spreadsheet template.

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FREE Bonus 26:

Cash Flow Spreadsheet Template
This information document provides our scriptwriting guidelines and a scriptwriting template.

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FREE Bonus 27:

Job Ad Template For Hiring Animators
An example of a job ad for animators including responsibilities, requirements, and application.

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FREE Bonus 28:

Job Ad Template For Hiring Project Managers
An example of a job ad for project managers including responsibilities, requirements, and application.

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FREE Bonus 29:

Job Ad Template For Hiring Salespeople
An example of a job for salespeople including responsibilities, requirements, and application.

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A Cheatsheet on How to Find Social Media Marketers
A document providing links and descriptions to websites where you can find social media marketers to hire either full-time or part-time.

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