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The Animators Operating System™ is the key to success for any freelance animator.


Learn how to consistently attract the right prospects.


Convert those prospects into paying clients.


Produce high-performing videos fast.


Promote your client's videos to help them get new clients.

Our Mission

We aim to help animators build a successful freelance career or studio by learning the business side of animation.

Free Marketing Handbook

Discover the only 3 ways of attracting new animation clients with 22 total marketing tactics you can try.

Who We Are

Founded by Ben Marvazi
Since 2011, Ben Marvazi has grown a highly successful animation studio in Los Angeles to 7-figures - working with clients like Uber, Kaiser, NASA, Intuit, Pfizer, Verizon, Dunkin Donuts, Anheuser-Busch, Capital One, Comedy Central, FOX, Cisco, and many more!

Now, Ben focuses his time on helping animators get to six and seven figure incomes with proven systems, processes, and techniques that he’s learned through trial and error over the past 9+ years as a studio owner, and 16+ years as an entrepreneur and marketer.

Since Ben Marvazi’s background is in marketing and entrepreneurship rather than in animation, he’s able to offer the necessary training, tools, and resources most animators lack - in order to succeed in the growing business of animation.

How We Can Help Animators

Free Handbook

Discover the only 3 ways of attracting animation clients with 22 total marketing tactics you can try and use to start consistently getting new clients today.

Free Masterclass

Learn how to build a 6-figure freelance animation business even if you think you don't have enough experience, money, clients, or confidence.

Animation Accelerator

Our premiere online training program for animators who have completed our free masterclass and are serious about taking the next step to grow their businesses.

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What to Look For When Hiring a Salesperson For Your Animation Studio

As a studio owner, having a successful animation business for the long term should be your main goal. To efficiently accomplish this, you will need to hire a skilled salesperson.  A salesperson or sales representative is concerned with maximizing the profit of your animation business by identifying the needs of your potential animation clients and […]

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8 Steps for Animators to Find and Work With Scriptwriters

As an animator, you’ll have your hands full, ensuring your animation projects run smoothly and according to your animation client’s vision. After all, running a successful animation studio would require more than a one-man team.  You’ll need to hire a reliable and skilled team of people with the ability to carry out specific creative visions, […]

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6 Tips to Set Up an Animation Video Retainer

Whether you’re a freelance animator or studio owner, finding a sustainable amount of work can be challenging. With some animation clients giving you one and done projects, the need to find more work is crucial to keeping you afloat. Thankfully, setting up animation video retainers can help solve this problem.  In this blog post, we’ll […]

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How Animators Can Get Clients with LinkedIn Cold Messaging

Do you recall your first day in college? New city, new home, new classmates, and all the possible newness in life. Everything just seemed strange, with no signs of familiar things lurking around. You thought of going out there and making friends, but that was quite nerve-wracking, especially in an unfamiliar environment. Cold messaging animation […]

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7 Animation Lessons From the Best YouTube Animators

The internet is often regarded as the great equalizer for its democratization of content creation and distribution tools. In particular, YouTube has made it possible for many freelance animators to not only post their animated videos but gain widespread fame and recognition for them.  These independent YouTube animators are essentially self-made, and their success stories […]

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10 Best Finance Tips for Freelance Animators

Being a freelance animator can be challenging especially when it comes to finances, not just because your paycheck isn’t consistent, but also because you’ll have to manage your personal finances by yourself. For instance, you’ll have to plan for your taxes. This includes the self-employment tax and the business tax you will be charged with […]

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8 Successful Sales Call Techniques for Animators

Sales calls are just one of the many ways freelance animators or animation studio owners can acquire new clients and work. To put it simply, a sales call is a meeting between you and a potential animation client where you promote your animation services to help grow your business. A successful sales call can be […]

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How Animators Can Upsell and Cross-Sell More Services

Selling your services as a freelance animator or studio owner can be a difficult task, especially if you just started your animation business.  The animation industry is a competitive industry full of skilled and experienced animators and studios that provide almost the same video styles. By having a unique selling proposition and delivering on your […]

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Top 9 Pieces of Advice on How to Become a Good Animator

The key to being good at animation isn’t just working hard but it’s also working smart. Even if you’ve practiced harder than anyone else, all that hard work still might not amount to much if you’re not thinking about other important things, such as the business side of animation and the importance of taking breaks. […]

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