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6 Reasons Why Animators Should Keep Learning and Improving

Continuous learning and improvement are key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving animation industry. Check out our latest post to discover the 6 important reasons why investing in your skills and knowledge is crucial for your freelance career success. Keeping Up with the Latest Technology and Software Technology and animation software is always evolving. To […]

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Overcoming the Fear of Failure: Practical Steps for Animators and Studio Owners

It's time to conquer your fear of failure and unlock your true potential in the dynamic world of animation. Today, we're sharing practical steps to help you overcome this common obstacle and thrive in your creative journey. Let's dive in and unleash your greatness! 🚀 Embrace Failure as a Stepping Stone Embrace the mindset that […]

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How to Negotiate a Higher Rate for Your Animation Projects

Are you ready to level up your negotiation skills? 💪 It's time to unlock your true worth and secure a higher rate for your incredible animation projects. Here are some valuable tips to help you negotiate like a pro and thrive in your creative career. Let's dive in! 🚀 1. Know Your Value Before entering […]

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5 Must-Read Books For Freelancing Animators

Broadening your mind with these books about freelancing is an excellent way to invest in your personal and professional growth. By delving into the wisdom and experiences of industry experts, you'll gain invaluable insights to help navigate the ever-evolving world of freelancing. CREATIVE, INC. by Meg Mateo and Joy Deangdeelert Cho Master the freelancing world […]

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Breaking into the Animation Industry: A Guide for Beginners

Ready to kickstart your animation career? 🎬🚀🎨 Don't miss our comprehensive guide for beginners on how to break into the animation industry! From building your portfolio to landing your first gig, Business of Animation has you covered. Check it out now! 1. Research the Animation Industry Before starting your animation career, it's important to research […]

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What To Look For in Laptops for Animation

When selecting a laptop for animation, prioritize processing power, graphics capabilities, and sufficient storage and memory to handle the demands of animation software. A laptop with these features will ensure that you can work on your animations efficiently and effectively. Check out more features to look for in laptops for animation. #1. Screen Size and […]

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Conquering Self-Doubt for Success in Animation

Don't let self-doubt hold you back from achieving success in animation. Check out this post for tips and tricks on how to conquer self-doubt and unleash your full potential as an animator. 1. Recognize Your Strengths Take the time to identify your strengths and areas where you excel. Focus on these skills and use them […]

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8 Commonly Used Software by Animation Companies

Animation companies rely on a variety of software tools to create stunning visual effects and bring their ideas to life. From the widely used Autodesk Maya and Adobe Creative Suite to specialized tools like Toon Boom Harmony and Houdini, these programs help animators create complex 2D and 3D animations that captivate audiences. These are just […]

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The Importance of Studying Client Behavior for Freelance Animators

In what ways can client behavior benefit freelancers? Here are 4 reasons why studying client behavior is important for freelance animators. Helps with Presenting Services in a Way That Generates Maximum Impact on Clients Helps Determine the Factors That Influence Clients to Say Yes Establishes Competitive Advantages through Understanding Client Expectations Helps in Determining Areas […]

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How to Develop a Strong Vision & Mission for Your Animation Studio

Developing a strong vision and mission statement is the foundation of a successful animation studio. Use these tips to develop a clear and inspiring vision and mission statement that reflects your studio's goals and values. With a strong foundation, you can guide your studio to success and create amazing animations that inspire and captivate your […]

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What is Scope Creep?

Have you ever experienced scope creep? How did you deal with it? Scope creep is commonly experienced in the freelancing world. That's why it is important to know how to use your contract to protect you and your animation business from this kind of situation. Scope Creep Occurs when your client demands things that are […]

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5 Highest-Grossing Animated Movies of All Time

Get ready to be amazed as we take a look at the top 5 animated films that have raked in the most money at the box office! From Disney classics to Pixar masterpieces, these movies have captivated audiences and made history in the world of animation. 1. The Lion King - $1.65B Production Cost: Around […]

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How to Build a Strong Animation Portfolio When You Have No Work Experience

Struggling to build a strong animation portfolio when you don't have much work experience? We'll guide you through the steps to create an impressive portfolio that showcases your skills and potential, even if you're just starting out. Check it out and start building your dream career in animation! 1. Start with the Basics Create basic […]

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10 More Steps to Create Your Ideal Freelance Animator Lifestyle

Ready to create your ideal freelance animator lifestyle? Follow these 10 expert tips to define your brand, build your network, manage your time, and more. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your freelance career to the next level, these actionable steps will help you achieve your goals and build a successful, fulfilling […]

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5 Daily Habits That Can Help Freelance Animators Be Successful

Have you ever wondered what separates successful freelance animators who are booked out for months from those who are constantly hustling for the next project? Here are some daily habits that successful freelance animators share to ensure success. Set Daily Goals Know what you want to accomplish for each day, whether it's a certain number […]

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8 Benefits Of Internship And Volunteering In The Animation Industry

You might want to look for an animation internship if you want to get on the business side of animation. Internships in animation help those who want to improve their animation and professional skills by giving them their first job in the field. Check out these 8 benefits of internship and volunteering in the animation […]

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Types of Clients Animators Can Work or Partner With

The amount of content that can be animated is limitless, as is the number of people who find animation useful. Here are some examples of business clients with whom animators can collaborate or partner. Small Animation Studios Serving Business Clients Advertising Agencies Marketing Companies Post-Production Houses Individual Businesses (Tech, Medical, Legal, Non-profit, Education, Automotive, Government, […]

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3 Benefits of Animation Communities

Animators, surround yourself with a community that inspires, supports, and pushes you to be your best. Together we can achieve more and make a difference in the industry. Here are 3 benefits of animation communities! Skill Development Workshop and critiques can help freelance animators improve their skills and stay current with industry developments. Emotional Support […]

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