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10-Minute Daily Stretch Routine for Freelance Animators

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Regular body stretching offers several benefits for freelance animators working longer hours. Aside from increasing your flexibility, which is important for fitness, stretching can also improve your posture, relieve stress and body aches, and more.

Check out these 10-minute daily essential body stretches you can try:

10-Minute Daily Stretch Routine for Freelance Animators

1. Leg stretches

  • Quad stretch (15-20 sec/each leg)
  • Pelvic stretch (15-20 sec/each leg)
  • Forward bend (15-20 sec)
1. Leg stretches

2. Back stretches

  • Cow stretch (5-10 sec/5 times)
  • Child's pose (10 sec/2 times)
  • Bird dog (10-20 sec/each leg)
  • Pigeon stretch (10-20 sec/each leg)
2. Back stretches

3. Neck stretches

  • Turn head (35-10 sec/3 times)
  • Neck (5-10sec/5 times)
  • Shoulders (3-5 sec/3 times)
  • Head up and down (5-10 sec / 3 times)
3. Neck stretches

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