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4 Essential Processes in Managing Your Animation Business

the essential processes to managing an animation business

Discovery and Onboarding

Connecting with your network and collaborating with other freelancers who can help you with your client's video

discovery and onboarding for your animation business


Includes pricing, reports and documentation, proposals, contracts, invoices, communications, and scheduling

sales as an essential part for animators

Animation and Video Production

Project planning and management, data gathering, scriptwriting, voiceover recording, storyboarding and animation, video revisions

animation and video production for animation businesses


Positioning and marketing of your animation business, getting new clients, client retention, content creation (website and social media)

marketing your animation businesses

Want to Learn How to Get More Animation Clients?

how to get more animation clients

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Should you be an On-Staff Animator, Freelance Animator, or Studio Owner?

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