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4 Simple And Free Ways To Support Animators On Instagram

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Show your support to your fellow animators! Here are 4 simple and free ways to support animators or motion designers on social media:

4 Simple And Free Ways To Support Animators On Instagram

1. Like their posts.

Like their posts.

Just click that heart! This is the simplest way for you to help them gain more engagement.

2. Comment on their posts.

Comment on their posts.

Boost their confidence by leaving meaningful and heartwarming comments.

3. Share their posts.

Share their posts.

Whether you choose to share it via your IG story or with a friend, doing this helps spread the word about their work.

4. Save their posts.

Save their posts.

The "save" button is like a super like. This gives their updates a better boost than likes. When a post is saved, it tells IG's algorithm that the post is valuable and is worth-sharing with more people.

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