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4 Stress Management Myths Animators Should Know

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What are your beliefs in stress and stress management?

Stress is an inevitable factor in life. Especially in the animators' field of work. You need to have a better understanding of stress to be able to handle it effectively.

Here are stress management myths animators should know according to @empath_ph:

Stress Management Myths Animators Should Know

Stress Management Myth 1: Self-care is your way out of stress

Stress Management Truth:

Self-care can relieve stress for a short period of time, but it can't eliminate the regular stress cycle.

stress management myth 1

Stress Management Myth 2: Stress is a great motivator.

Stress Management Truth:

Stress isn't always a motivation. Stress keeps up moving towards two things: it can either build us up or totally deplete our well-being.

Stress Management Myth 2

Stress Management Myth 3: Stress is always visible.

Stress Management Truth:

Most of the stress symptoms are internal and cannot be immediately seen. Stress doesn't always have physical manifestations.

Stress Management Myth 3

Stress Management Myth 4: Fix your lifestyle to get rid of stress.

Stress Management Truth:

Having a good lifestyle can street symptoms but cannot directly target the root. Effective stress management requires addressing the cause of stress and making adjustments and resolutions.

Stress Management Myth 4

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