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4 Ways To Develop Your Own Animation Style

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Having your own personal style in animation will make your work stand out, help you attract an audience, and eventually turn them into your clients. Being unique pays off. But how to get there?

4 Ways To Develop Your Own Animation Style

Here are 4 ways you can develop your own animation style:

1. Use real-life references

Even the most creatively animated character or object is usually created based on a real-life person or object. It's perfectly fine to use real-life references to draw in your own art style.

1: Use Real Life References

2. Copy the work of animators you love

Copying is one way to understand animation concepts and how they work together when applied. You might as well learn some helpful tips and tricks from other animators.

2: Copy the Work of Animators You Love

3. Create your own animated character

Be brave enough to start creating your own animated characters. Nothing in your style will improve or change without hands-on work!

3: Create Your Own Animated Character

4. Practice drawing everyday

As time goes by, you will be able to refine your style according to what you see around you, what kind of animation style you prefer, and how much you practice.

4: Practice Drawing Everyday

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