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5 Animation Certificate Courses Freelancers Need To Take

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Looking to enhance your animation skills and stay competitive in the industry? Check out these top five certificate courses that freelancers need to take!

5 Animation Certificate Courses Freelancers Need To Take

1. Unity Certificate Course

This certificate course introduces Unity's lighting, texturing, animation, and scripting tools. The course covers Unity's tools and methods for generating game environments, characters, and special effects.

unity certificate course

2. Pixar Certificate Course

This certificate course covers Pixar's character design, storyboarding, modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation processes. Maya and RenderMan, the popular animation software, are covered in the course.

pixar certificate course

3. ZBrush Certificate Course

This certificate course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Brush's various features, including sculpting, painting, and texturing. The course covers the basics of digital sculpting, including anatomy, topology, and 3D models and textures using ZBrush's powerful tools.

zbrush certificate course

4. Substance Designer and Painter Certificate Courses

This certificate course teaches material generation, texturing, and rendering using these technologies.

Students learn how to utilize Substance Designer and Painter to build high-quality textures and materials utilizing nodes, graphs, and channels.

substance designer and painter certificate courses

5. After Effects ACA

This After Effects certificate course covers keyframing, animation, and compositing. Students learn how to use After Effects to create high-quality animations and visual effects and create titles, transitions, and special effects.

This course prepares students for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) exam.

after effects ACA

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Want to Learn How to Get More Animation Clients? Sign up for our free masterclass!

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