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5 Benefits of Animated NFTs for Animators

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are all the rage right now. Odds are that you’ve probably heard of NFTs whether it be from word of mouth or scrolling on social media.

For animators, this could be a huge step in improving issues they have with maintaining ownership of their animations and gaining royalties from sales.

Here are different ways in which animated NFTs can benefit animators today.

5 Benefits of Animated NFTs for Animators

1. Protects animators and their work

Evidence of creation and ownership are attached to these unique, digital assets, allowing these animated NFTs to be traded securely and transparently.

Protects animators and their work

2. NFTs can be traded securely and transparently

Blockchain technology allows high-value assets to be moved in a secure and transparent manner.

NFTs can be traded securely and transparently

3. Receiving royalties for your animated NFTs

NFT technology allows a feature to be enabled where royalties can be hard-coded into the NFT itself.

Receiving royalties for your animated NFTs

4. Collaborating for the future

Blockchain communities are seeing NFT animations beyond the hype as a way of developing new ownership, funding, and grants.

Collaborating for the future

5. NFT e-commerce

Many believe the NFTs are the future of e-commerce due to their raise in the cryptocurrency world and their user-friendly features.

NFT e-commerce

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