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5 Golden Rules of Ideation in the Creative Community

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The first thing we usually do when we have an idea is to do it our way. But did you know that there are rules for ideation sessions or processes? Here are 5 golden rules for coming up with ideas in the creative world.

five golden rules of ideation in animation

1. Get Rid of the Concept of Bad Ideas

Many great animation ideas come from putting together two seemingly impossible ideas that can work together.

get rid of the concept of bad ideas

2. Quantity Can Be Your Best Friend

Any ideation session promotes creativity. Too much focus on quality can kill creativity.

quantity can be your best friend

3. Record Everything

Many ideas are spoken during informal ideation sessions like a meeting on coffee outing. How to remember verbal jackpots? Write. It. Down.

record everything

4. All People Are Creative

Everyone is creative. Not everyone has had the chance to show it.

all people are creative

5. Keep Your Goals in Mind

Any ideation session focuses on problem-solving to eliminate rambling discussions and get everyone on the same page.

keep your goals in mind

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