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5 Reasons Why Being An Animator Is Fun And 5 Reasons Why It Isn't

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There are always 2 sides to every thought - if you ever thought about the fun reason and not fun reason of being an animator, here are 5 reasons why being an animator is fun and 5 reasons why it isn't:

5 Reasons Why Being An Animator Is Fun And 5 Reasons Why It Isn't

5 Fun Reasons:

  • You bring characters into life
  • You can be a BIG kid
  • You're able to tell stories
  • Unlimited use of your imagination
  • You can show off your talent to the world.
5 Fun Reasons:

5 Not Fun Reasons:

  • It's a repetitive task
  • Pressure to deliver high-quality animation in a short time
  • You won't always be creatively fulfilled
  • Clients aren't constant
  • There's a lot of discrimination in terms of design
5 Not Fun Reasons:

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