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5 Stages In An Animation Pitch Meeting

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Here are the 5 stages in an animation pitch meeting.

1. Rapport


A great way to start before giving your pitch is to build rapport or a personal connection with your audience, in this case, the decision-makers (producers, studio executives, etc.). Initiate small talk. This will lighten the mood and might boost your audience's interest in your pitch (something that pitching too soon can't top).

2. Listening


Now that you engaged a conversation with your audience by asking questions, take the time to listen to their responses. They relate to you, you should also relate to them. It's basic ethics - a simple act of reverence.

3. The Pitch

The Pitch

The first two stages are the warm up in the process. This is where the real workout begins. You deliver and show what you have prepared - your pitch and supporting tools or documents, usually visuals like a pitch deck (your slides or PowerPoint presentation), pitch bible (printed/hard copy or PDF file of your idea or series), animatics, etc.

4. Q and A

Q and A

Eventually, after the presentation in a meeting, the question and answer portion follows. If you encounter difficult questions from them, think first and don't get defensive. Being proactive is your best preparation for this scenario. PRO TIP: Try to present your pitch in advance in front of a group of people (like your family or friends). Take note of their questions, insights, and feedback. The goal here is to anticipate likely questions and prepare answers in advance.

5. The Close

The Close

Remember, there's no such thing as the "perfect pitch". Things might not happen as you planned, but it's still better to come in prepared. End your presentation with a personal and positive tone. The tactic here is similar to Stage 1 (building rapport), but rather continuing that engagement to put the meeting to a good end. Saying "thank you" is one way. It's also good to ask how to follow-up or whom to contact after the meeting.

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