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5 Types of Animation Email Drip Campaigns

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5 types of animation email drip campaigns

1. Welcome Emails

This type of email reaches the inbox of your animation leads once they complete the subscription process. It introduces your animation services to your leads and serves as the first communication in this new stage of your relationship.

welcome emails for animation drip campaigns

2. Onboarding Emails

This type of email is the second most important email your clients receive. They are somewhat similar to welcome emails, but they provide more hands-on information about your animation service.

onboarding emails for animation drip campaigns

3. Reactivation Emails

This type of email is great for re-engaging inactive animation clients, whether they haven't been opening your emails or fail to click-through once they've read them.

reactivation emails for animation drip campaigns

4. Post-Demo Emails

This type of email re-emphasizes the value of your animation service while showing animation leads what the next step is. Sending video testimonials from past animation clients can be a great content idea for your post-demo emails.

post-demo emails for animation drip campaigns

5. Confirmation Emails

This type of email is sent to a user after purchasing your animation services or signing up for a program. It reassures the user that their request has been received and is being processed.

confirmation emails for animation drip campaigns

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