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6 Common Animation Mistakes Animators Should Avoid

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In creating great animation videos, you might make mistakes. Making animation mistakes is part of the animation process.

However, when you make a mistake, you are given the opportunity to correct your errors and learn from them to become a better animator. Making mistakes will give you lessons you never learned in animation school.

We have listed down 6 common mistakes animators should avoid:

6 Common Animation Mistakes Animators Should Avoid

Common Mistake #1:

Not connecting character movements with facial expressions and emotions

When you animate a character, you should first understand who your character is, what they feel, and what they think in every shot. Pay attention to the smallest details, such as your characters' eyes, hands, fingers, stance, etc.

1. Not connecting character movements with facial expressions and emotions

Common Mistake #2:

Using improper ease ins and ease outs

You can't just have an object or character suddenly start then stop everything in one frame. You have to think about the object, size, height, and weight of an object or character when doing ease ins and ease outs.

2. Using improper ease ins and ease outs

Common Mistake #3:

Not paying attention to spacing

Always consider the intensity of actions for your characters as this is crucial in making your animation appear more realistic. Try to aim for fluid and sequential character movements.

3. Not paying attention to spacing

Common Mistake #4:

Over-animating a scene

Keep the activities in each scene to a minimum. Only put the necessary actions to characters or objects to give a clear message to your audience in every scene.

4. Over-animating a scene

Common Mistake #5:

Not tracking your arcs

Always take time to track your arcs, whether it's a big or small movement. As soon as you see something that stands out, track it using the built-in motion trail on Maya or other animation software.

5. Not tracking your arcs

Common Mistake #6:

Going off-brand

You may have a unique animation style, but your color palettes, fonts, characters should be in line with your client's branding and creative guidelines so that your client won't ask for several revisions when you submit the project for feedback.

6. Going off-brand

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