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6 Differences of an On-Staff Animator Vs. Freelance Animator

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two guys, one who is an on-staff animator and the other is a freelance animator

1) Schedule

On-Staff Animator

  • Fixed working hours
  • Expected come to work every morning

Freelance Animator

  • Flexible schedule
  • Easier to work remotely or work from anywhere
the first difference of between an on-staff animator and freelance animator is their schedule

2) Projects

On-Staff Animators

  • Consistent streams of projects
  • Can't choose projects you'd like to work on
  • Don't have to worry about managing the business
  • Do tasks assigned by the studio
on-staff animators have different types of projects

Freelance Animator

  • May experience inconsistent streams of projects
  • Can choose projects and receive full animation credit for your work
  • Can add projects to your portfolio
  • No micromanagement
  • Learn and manage the whole production process from start to finish
freelance animators have different type of projects

3) Workplace

On-Staff Animator

  • An animation studio with great work culture and environment might feel like a family that looks out for one another

Freelance Animator

  • Usually works alone
the workplace of a freelance animator and an on-staff animator are different

4) Income and Benefits

On-Staff Animator

  • Receive compaany benefits like health insurance and retirement plans
  • Sense of security and regular monthly income
  • With income ceiling or set salary
the income and benefits of an on-staff animator are different

Freelance Animator

  • No benefits
  • No income ceiling
  • You can raise your rate and earn more as long as you work hard to find animation clients and promote yourself on social media
the income and benefits of freelance animators are different

5) Training

On-Staff Animator

  • Studios offer internal training and art/animation workshops wher eyou can learn a lot
the training for an on-staff and freelance animator are different

6) Accessibility

On-Staff Animator

  • More studio applicants than there are vacant positions
  • Some require unpaid internships for 3-12 months

Freelance Animator

  • Studios are now outsourcing work to freelance animators
  • Freelancing may not be the best fit for everyone, but it's always an open option
accessibility for a freelance and on-staff animator are different

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