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6 Tips to Set Up an Animation Video Retainer

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how to set up an animation video retainer

1. Choose an Animation Client

It's easier to close a deal for an animation video retainer if the client has been working with you for some time. That's because you already know their goals and brand thanks to the relationship you've built with them.

choose an animation client to set up a video retainer

2. Showcase the Value of Animation Video Retainers

Learn your animation client's business goals to ensure that both of you are on the same page when you fine-tune your video retainer's proposal.

Aside from pinpointing their problems, you may also offer various upsells and cross-sells such as short commercial cuts, subtitles, different aspect ratios which can help increase your profit.

showcase the value of animation video retainers

3. Suggest a Trial Period

Pitching a trial period of the animation video retainer agreement with your client should help them get a feel of your services. At the same time, you will be able to get a good grasp of the workload that the client will be demanding from you.

suggest a trial period for animation video retainers

4. Define the Scope and Limitation of your Work

By being able to specify exactly what you will be doing for your animation client, you set the boundaries and the amount of time and effort you will be putting into the project. Setting boundaries will also prevent the animation client from taking advantage of you while the project is ongoing.

define the scope and limitation of your work in animation

5. Add Packages to Your Animation Video Retainers

Adding packages to your retainer agreements increases the chance of closing the deal with your animation client as it will offer more choices for them to choose from.

add packages to your animation video retainers

6. Be Realistic

Keep in mind that you must always be realistic. The lure of a steady monthly paycheck can easily fool you into biting off more than you can chew. These constant deadlines and demands can quickly pile up along with other animation projects that you've got going on.

be realistic with your animation video retainers

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