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6 Ways Animators Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

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Are you finding it difficult to balance spending time on your work, being with family and friends, and taking some personal time? It can be a challenge, especially if your focus is on gaining new animation clients or getting noticed as a successful animator in the industry.

6 ways animators can achieve work-life balance

1. List Down Your Priorities

The first step towards finding your perfect work-life balance is figuring out which elements of your life carry the most weight. Ask yourself: what things do you value?

list down your priorities by asking yourself what you value

2. Build a Daily Routine

People work their best when they follow a daily routine. Skilled at Life says you will become more efficient if you can build your routine since the number of decisions you make each day will be reduced.

build a daily routine to become more efficient

3. Set Up Your Creative Workspace

Pick a room or space in your home where you can get creative and concentrate on working.

pick a room in your home and set up your creative workspace

4. Get Moving

To avoid potential health issues, you should include at least 30 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. In addition, don't forget to include mini-breaks to stretch and walk around from time to time.

get moving by including at least 30 minutes of exercise a day

5. Meet Other Animators

According to Ubel Arts, talking to other animators can help you create personal and professional relationships, as well as help you acquire your next income.

meet other animators to create personal and professional relationships

6. Make Time for Self-Care

After spending hours in front of your computer or drawing pad working on creative output, it's time for you to refuel your tank.

make time for self-care to refuel your creative tank

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