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6 Ways to Get Animation Clients Through Podcasting

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If you haven’t marketed yourself and your brand through podcasting, you might be missing out on an untapped market of potential clients. Here are 6 ways you can gain new animation clients through podcasting.

6 Ways to Get Animation Clients Through Podcasting

1) Know Your Target Customers

Really get to know the demographic you want to target. This will make it easier to craft content that appeals to your audience, which will in turn make it easier to land clients this way.

Know Your Target Customers

2) Have a Call-to-Action

At the start or the end of every podcast, make sure you tell clients to connect with you and offer your contact information.

Have a Call-to-Action

3) Regularly Post Podcasts

Posting valuable content consistently will keep you top-of-mind and remind them of the value that you can bring to them. Plus, most media site’s algorithms favor predictably-scheduled content.

Regularly Post Podcasts

4) Promote Your Podcast

Actively promote your podcast through your social media, animation website, and blog.

Promote Your Podcast

5) Guest On Podcasts

Speaking as a guest on podcasts allows you to position yourself as an expert in the animation industry, while opening you up to a wider audience.

Guest On Podcasts

6) Invite Podcast Guests

Inversely, inviting guests to speak on your podcast can diversify your content and bring in new listeners who could become clients. Your guest can give your audience tips, knowledge, and information about animation that your listeners may not be able to hear from you.

Invite Podcast Guests

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