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7 Animation Lessons From the Best YouTube Animators

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YouTube has become a platform for many animators to share their content and even gain dedicated followers and animation clients. You can also become a YouTube animator, but there are some important tips from successful YouTube animators you need to remember:

7 Animation Lessons From the Best YouTube Animators

1. Look for Inspiration

It's not always easy to come up with new content ideas. So having inspiration for your animated videos is vital. These can be things you enjoy like comics, movies, video games, etc. You can also draw ideas from your personal life experiences.

Look for Inspiration

2. Know your animation niche

One of the things that will help you create content and gain an audience is deciding on your animation niche. Choose a niche in which you know you can serve content that appeals to your target audience.

Know your animation niche

3. Make evergreen animated content

Take note that some topics like political events can become outdated in the future. To stay relevant, ensure that the subject matter of your animated videos is evergreen.

Make evergreen animated content

4. Come up with good video titles

Your video title is the first thing your viewers will see along with the thumbnail. So make sure it contains keywords that will make your video clickable.

Come up with good video titles

5. Engage with your subscribers

One way you can do this is to ask your viewers what kind of content they'd like to see and ask for feedback about your current and past content.

Engage with your Subscribers

6. Upload animated videos on a schedule

Posting your animated videos on a consistent schedule makes it easier for your subscribers to keep up with your new content. This will also help your channel to gain more traffic, watch time, and new subscribers.

Upload animated videos on a schedule

7. Collaborate with other animators

Collaborate with other animators when the workload becomes too heavy to handle by yourself. Apart from allowing you to focus on specific tasks for your channel, collaboration allows you to network and learn from other animators.

Collaborate with other animators

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