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7 Qualities Of A Great Animation Pitch

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What makes an animation pitch successful? Well, that depends. We can attribute that success to just a few outstanding qualities or a whole variety of factors. However, according to various resources, here are 7 qualities that make an animation pitch great:

7 Qualities Of A Great Animation Pitch

1. Well-prepared


As Benjamin Franklin said, if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So before giving your pitch to animation studios or producers, be prepared. Research the studio's objectives to see if you can align them to your own. Practice your pitch to boost your confidence and to add certainty to your presentation.

2. Relevant context

Relevant context

It's important to contextualize your pitch depending on the studio or company you are pitching your idea to. Some are interested in the narrative of the story (reader-and-writer-center or story arc), while some are interested in the visual aspect of the pitch (key art or storyboard-driven).

3. Shows empathy

Shows empathy

Aside from the people attending the pitch meeting, you should also think about your other audience - the targeted viewers of your series. This is connected to being relevant and contextualizing your content. If you're doing a kid's show, think like a kid to make it appropriate for kids, and so on. This will further validate the tone and the theme of your show.

4. Attention-grabber


If you watch videos or read articles on how to create a winning pitch, they'll say "Start with a BANG!". Your introduction should nail a dramatic impact instantly. You can do this by starting with a fun fact/trivia, a quote, good humor, the unexpected, or try other creative introductions. But also remember to be direct. The first seven seconds is crucial to capture your audience's attention.

5. Engaging story

Engaging story

Now that you've captured your audience's attention, presenting your animated series through an engaging story is a great way to connect with them and hold their attention. Get the story straight. Make things simple and focused. Try to connect relationships or give a story-based bio to your characters. Match this with high quality visuals.

6. Awesome visuals

 Awesome visuals

Your visual tools (pitch deck, pitch bible, etc.) and other design-oriented aspects such as the art style, the text size, fonts, etc. should effectively represent or convey the tone and idea of your series (i.e. use funny graphics for a comedy-themed show). The text and overall design of your visuals should also be legible and aesthetically appealing.

7. Concisely impactful

Concisely impactful

Your presentation and delivery should be brief, organized, and interesting. At the end of your presentation, finish with specific key points or takeaways to make it more memorable and still be impactful. Take note that every presentation has a time limit. So make the most of every second.

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