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7 Ways Animators Can Overcome Insecurities

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Feeling insecure about yourself all the time can affect every aspect of your life, from your physical and mental health to how you perform at your job. Here are 7 ways animators can overcome insecurities.

7 Ways Animators Can Overcome Insecurities

1. Improvements


People feel insecure. It's normal. But why waste precious time and energy thinking about insecurities or negative feelings? So instead of moping around, find time and ways on how to improve your skills, the quality of your work and your reel.

2. Persistence


Keep putting yourself out there, and never give up for the better! The more exposure you get, the better the chances that you’ll get clients. Consistency plus flexibility is key.

3. Constructive criticisms

Constructive criticisms

One way for you to see what to improve is to get feedback from other people or other animators. In this way, you'll receive lots of helpful points from different perspectives.

4. Be flexible

Be flexible

Being flexible is learning how to adapt to new situations, one way or another. When you're flexible, you're versatile, resilient, and responsive to change.

5. Keep an open mind

Keep an open mind

Not every creative idea gets approved, and that's okay. Sometimes feedback can hurt you to the core, but keeping an open mind helps you get through these tough situations.

6. Accomplishments


Reflecting on your achievements will remind you that you are capable of overcoming challenges. It also gives you the confidence and self-assurance needed to get through insecurities.

7. Support


Surround yourself with people who support you and who will help you grow emotionally and professionally.

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