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8 Essential Business Skills To Learn As An Animator

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There are lots of skills to consider in building an animation business. You can’t simply go into it because you want to. You need to be prepared, learn how to ask the important questions, attract the right people, and navigate through complex circumstances in order to sustain a successful animation career.

8 Essential Business Skills To Learn As An Animator

We have compiled 8 essential business skills to learn as an animator to guide you:

Essential Business Skill:

1. Organizational Skills

Being organized helps you track your time, set your priorities, and limit distractions.

Organizational skills

Essential Business Skill:

2. Communication Skills

The ability to effectively relay ideas and information to your animation team and clients can be a great contributor to the success of your animation business.

Communication skills

Essential Business Skill:

3. Decision-Making Skills

To make smart and effective decisions means you know a great way to solve business problems, implement and inspire action, think logically, manage unwanted emotions, and improve overall collaboration.

decision-making skills

Essential Business Skill:

4. Financial Skills

Keep yourself in the loop of the financial standing of your business by reading the core sheets and understanding what they mean in sustaining your business.

financial skills

Essential Business Skill:

5. Budgeting Skills

Mastering this skill will keep your business afloat, keep you out of debt, and prevent you from engaging in risky business ventures.

budgeting skills

Essential Business Skill:

6. Taxation Skills

Business taxes are unavoidable in operating a business, so it's a valuable skill to understand how to file, save and pay them.

taxation skills

Essential Business Skill:

7. Networking Skills

This refers to maintaining contact with certain people to help you expand your animation business and gain opportunities you might not have discovered on your own.

networking skills

Essential Business Skill:

8. Negotiation Skills

Being skilled in negotiation goes beyond attaining the rates and benefits you deserve. It means you know how to drive your business to long-term success.

negotiation skills

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