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8 Factors Animators Should Focus On When Writing Facebook Ad Copy

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There are lots of things needed to make a successful Facebook ad for your animation business - great images/videos, the right targeting, and well-crafted words to make compelling ad copy.

Writing great Facebook ad copy is as crucial as writing a news headline or a book title. It's one of the first things people notice aside from the video/image you associate with your ad before clicking on the CTA to "buy" your product/service or to "learn more" about your business.

Here are 8 factors animators should focus on when writing Facebook ad copy:

8 Factors Animators Should Focus On When Writing Facebook Ad Copy

1. Outcome


Play on your clients' EMOTIONS. People want to buy a SOLUTION to a problem they have, so brands who pair outcomes (what your buyer will obtain with your product or service) with human emotions will see very successful ads (i.e. solve a person's frustrations). A good ad copy also functions as a guide and persuades your audience to click through to your animation website.

2. Credibility


This can be via social clout (social influence, power, fame, or popularity, i.e. social media followers), testimonial videos, client endorsements, and total clients/sales/OUTCOMES.

3. Targeting


The key to Facebook's advertising is targeting. Facebook's targeting feature allows you to determine what type of AUDIENCE your ad reaches based on specific factors like location, gender, and interests. Therefore, narrowing down your audience/market to make advertising more efficient.

4. Tone


Facebook for Business recommends advertisers to "be recognizable." You can do this by using THE SAME TONE across channels/platforms, so your audience recognizes your message wherever they'll read it.

5. Harmony


To achieve harmony, the elements in your ad visuals should COMPLEMENT and be COMPATIBLE with your ad copy. Otherwise, if the two don't line up, your ad's message won't be clear and people who will see your ad will probably be confused about what you are actually advertising. Eventually, you'll fail to connect with them and hold their attention.

6. Features


What makes your product different/better and will ATTRACT your target market? Keep your text short but pleasant. State the fact, benefits, time frame (i.e. "today," "now," "this week,"), and sales price (you can save on wasted clicks by stating the price upfront). Also, don't forget to use one-call-to-action (i.e. "Shop now" or "Learn more," not "Shop now. Learn more.")

7. Relevance


Make your ad copy RELEVANT to whom you are delivering your ad. For example, you will state a common PROBLEM your target market has that your product/service is a SOLUTION to. Speak to whom you are targeting, PERSONALIZATION is key.

8. Variation


Remember, no one ad copy fits all. The only way to see what works best with every varying target market is to create different ads for different people. Try to TEST your ad copy by running two different ads - each with the same image, but different copy - to see which resonates most with your audience. Take note of which version version gets the most likes comments, and conversions.

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