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8 Techniques for a Successful Animation Client Sales Call

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successful animation client sales call

1. Prospect Your Animation Clients

Before going about the sales call, it is important that you narrow down the list of animation clients that you will be calling. Separate those who are able and willing to avail of your product from those who may not be interested at all.

prospect your animation clients

2. Research On Your Animation Client

Researching about your animation client will allow you to personalize and tailor the sales call specifically to that client. It is also a good idea to have some level of knowledge of what your client does to build trust and a relationship with them.

research on your animation client

3. Schedule the Sales Call

One way to easily schedule a sales call is using applications such as Calendly. This application can seamlessly integrate all of your calendars and keep track of your schedule, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails to plan your appointments.

schedule the sales call

4. Establish a Connection With Your Animation Client

Having a conversation with your clients about their business creates an immediate sense of rapport between you and your client.

establish a connection with the animation client

5. Listen to Your Animation Client's Needs

Listening to your animation clients will display that you are actually here to help them address problems regarding their business rather than just trying to sell them your services

listen to your animation client's needs

6. Pitch Your Animation Services to your Client

Be as thorough as possible when pitching your services so that the client will know what you can offer to address their problems.

pitch your animation services to your client

7. Close the Deal with Your Animation Client

One way to increases the chances of you landing the project is to have a clear call to action. These can be in the form of scheduling a follow-up call or a simple email to remind the client about the project.

close the deal with your animation client

8. Evaluate Your Sales Call to Identify and Address Problems

Evaluating the sales call will allow you to take note of what went well and what didn't. You should also be aware that you will only get better with practice and the more you participate in sales calls.

evaluate your sales call to identify and address problems

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