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8 Tips to Help You Focus On Your Animation Projects

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a cat who looks like they're focusing on something as this blog will give 8 tips to help you focus on your animation projects

1) Take Some Time To Think About Your Plans

a meditating cat and how you should take some quiet time to think about your plans

2) Don't Stretch Yourself Out Too Thin With Too Many Tasks

a stretching cat but make sure to not stretch yourself out too thin with too many tasks

3) Get Rid of All Things That Can Distract You

a cat doing yoga as he gets rid of all things that can distract you

4) Find the Right Balance in Taking Breaks & Doing Tasks

a cat doing a yoga pose and the advice to find the right balance in taking breaks & doing tasks

5) Avoid Wasting Your Time Scrolling Through Social Media

a cat doing a handstand and the advice to avoid wasting your time scrolling through social media

6) Fuel your Body Through Healthy Eating Habits

a cat stretching as they fuel your body through healthy eating habits

7) Don't Over Extend yourself Trying to Finish Tasks too Quickly

a cat doing a downward dog post so you don't over extend yourself trying to finish tasks too quickly

8) Make Sure to Always Have Enough Amount of Sleep

a cat laying down sleeping as you need to make sure to always have enough amount of sleep
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