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9 Animation Podcasts You Should Listen To

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How do you grow as an animator? Do you watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, or take online courses? Here are 9 animation podcasts you should listen to.

9 Animation Podcasts You Should Listen To

Animation Podcasts #1: Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Tom Bancroft and Tony Bancroft, two ex-Disney animators, discuss the art and business of animation with some of the biggest talents from Glen Keane to Brad Bird to Don Han.

Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Animation Podcasts #2: Overly Animated Podcast

A podcast dedicated to animation and shows like Steven Universe, Miraculous Ladybug, Stars the Forces of Evil, and more.

Overly Animated Podcast

Animation Podcasts #3: RubberOnion Animation Podcasts

RubberOnion Animation Podcasts, owned and operated by Brooklyn Animator Stephen Brooks, talks about tutorials, community forms, live events, and more.

RubberOnion Animation Podcasts

Animation Podcasts #4: Animation Industry Podcast

The podcast shares the stories of today's top animation talent - how they got their start, worked their way up, and what they learned along the way.

Animation Industry Podcast

Animation Podcasts #5: Directing Animation Livecast

Directing Animation Livecast has in-depth conversations with top producers and directors in the animation industry.

Directing Animation Livecast

Animation Podcasts #6: Make It Then Tell Everybody

Make It Then Tell Everybody, hosted by Dan Berry, is a great podcast for anyone interested in illustration and storytelling.

Make It Then Tell Everybody

Animation Podcasts #7: Allan McKay Podcast

Allan McKay Podcast is a creative and career-related podcast focused on artists in Design, Film, Visual Effects, and Video Games.

Allan McKay Podcast

Animation Podcasts #8: The Peg Bar and Grill Podcast

The Peg Bar and Grill Podcast, hosted by Tim McCourt and Sam Taylor, members of The Line Animation Studio, talk to some of their favorite filmmakers and animation creators in this nifty podcast series.

The Peg Bar and Grill Podcast

Animation Podcasts #9: Paper Wings Show

Hosted by Chris Oatley, the Paper Wings Show podcast features terrific interviews with creatives from all aspects of the animation process, with great advice for artists and writers alike.

Paper Wings Show

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