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9 Animators‌ ‌You‌ ‌Should‌ ‌Follow‌ For‌ ‌Inspiration

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Are you looking for some animation ideas for your next project? Here are the 9 animators‌ ‌you‌ ‌should‌ ‌follow‌ for‌ ‌inspiration.

1) Rachel Ryle @rachelryle

Rachel is an award-winning illustrator and animator. She created an illustration for National Geographic about an idyllic getaway in British Columbia's Coast Mountains. Rachel spends her free time making crafts.

2) Robin Velghe @rhymezlikedimez

If you want some visuals while vibing out to some rap music, Robin's Instagram account is the one you should visit. On his account, you will see illustrations of amazing rappers such as Scheckwes, NxWorries, 6lack, J.Cole, and more.

3) Tom Bancroft @tombancroft1

Tom's Instagram account has a lot of Disney character sketches, superheroes, and other unique characters. He is the creator of Mushu from Mulan and the creator of #MerMay.

4) Golden Wolf @runwiththegoldenwolf

Golden Wolf is an Emmy nominated animation studio based in London and New York. They previously worked with NBA, Nike, Skysports, Adidas x Parsley, and may more.

5) James Curran @slimjimstudios

James is an LA-based 2D and 3D animator. His works are playful and relatable for anyone looking for inspiration. If you're tired after a long day of animating, checking out James' posts is a great way to unwind.

6) Andy Baker @andy_d_baker

Andy's characters have a lot of depth, personality, and stories. You'll get to see different animation styles from every photo and video he uploads.

7) Benjy Brooke @benjybrooke

Benjy creates amazing animated shorts that should be playing on television and in movie theaters. Every frame has unique transitions and character emotions.

8) Wesley Louis @librabear

Wesley's artworks focus on real-life character, magical character, and superheroes. He shows his sketches, behind the scenes, and his finished videos.

9) Chris Philips @crispegram

Chris has a great sense of humor and design skills in every Instagram post. Every video and photo will never disappoint and will always be relatable.

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