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9 YouTube Animators You Can Draw Inspiration From

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Are you looking for animation ideas for your new projects with your animation clients? Check out this list of 9 YouTube animators you can draw inspiration from.

9 YouTube Animators You Can Draw Inspiration From

1) Odds1Out

Odds1Out run by American YouTuber Robert James Rallison. He started uploading webcomics in 2012 then started posting animated videos on YouTube in 2014. His videos are usually about his job and fun things he experiences.


2) Jaiden Animations

Jaiden is an American YouTubers, animator, comedian, actress, voice actress, and singer-songwriter. Her videos are about her personality, her traveling experiences, childhood, school, videos games, and random things that happen to her and her parrots.

Jaiden Animations

3) Domics

Domics is run by Filipino YouTuber Dominic Panganiban. He is a Philippine comedic animator who share cultural experiences such as his grade school days, things Asians do, and Filipino snacks.


4) Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat is run by Simon Tofield, an sward-winning illustrator, animator, and director based in London, England. Simon's Cat is an animated YouTube series that talks about the life of a fat white cat.

Simon's Cat

5) Element Animation

Element Animation is a great YouTube channel to follow if you're a fan of the game Minecraft. Their videos are about Minecraft animated shorts, rules of animating, and Christmas videos.

Element Animation

6) Let Me Explain Studios

Let Me Explain Studios is run by animator, storyteller, singer, and voice actress Rebecca Parham. After graduating from animations school, she became a freelance artist and started posting YouTube videos. Later on, she became the founder and CEO of Let Me Explain Studios.

Let Me Explain Studios

7) JelloApocalypse

JelloApocalypse is a channel owned by Brendan Blaber. Brendan is an animator, writer, cartoonist, voice actor, and the creator of Epithet Erased and Anime Campaign. He is well-known for his web series "Welcome to... and So This is Basically..."


8) CypherDen

CypherDen is owned by Dennise Andrea Cassura, a Filipino-American YouTuber, artist, animator, and vlogger. She uploads videos about tutorials, gaming animations, and her life stories. Aside from being a YouTuber, she also creates webcomics and posts then on Webtoon.


9) Jess the Dragoon

Jess the Dragoon is run by Shoukei Tam. The channel hosts Flash-animated cartoons and anime. It features episodes of Super Hero Clock, Drawn Against Time, tutorials, and other random videos.

Jess the Dragoon
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