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Benefits of Using Loom For Animation Client Communication

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Communicating with a client is an everyday thing for animators. Since most of the work an animator like yourself does take place online, most of your communication is centered around devices such as your phone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet, via various applications. 

Even before your client commissions your service, communication is already happening. After a client requests for a video to be made, expect even more communication to come. While written communication (usually email) is a very useful tool for information exchanges, there will be times when verbal communication will be necessary. 

Verbal communication includes voice notes, phone calls, in-person conversations, video meetings, and video messages. As you’ll come to discover more thoroughly in this blog post, Loom is the perfect service for any form of verbal communication you’ll need to engage in with clients.

What is Loom? 

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Image via Loom

Loom is an online tool that you can use to record both videos and screen captures which you can then send to your desired recipients.  

One of Loom’s best features is the ability to easily share whichever kind of video you need in order to communicate as clearly as possible with your client. You can do all of this  while keeping privileged information safe and sound, since your video will be secured by a password. 

Loom features

What can you record with Loom? There are tons of options:

  • Screen Only + Voice Audio
  • This feature lets you record whatever is happening on your screen and activities (and their sounds). You can select a particular application to present during the recording or opt to share your whole screen. 
  • Camera Only + Voice Audio
  • This feature lets you record a video of yourself - whatever your camera captures.
  • Camera and Screen + Voice Audio 
  • This is the perfect combination of the two mentioned above and where the Loom magic centers on. 
  • This feature allows you to present something while your face is being shown on the screen.
  • Plus, you can change features in-recording! How cool is that? 

Not to mention the fact that these are all parts of Loom’s basic account features. 

5 Benefits For Animators Using Loom for Client Communication

1) Allows Asynchronous Communication

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GIF by The Hills via GIPHY

What is Asynchronous Communication?

It is a communication type that involves a lag between the sender and the recipient. 

Unlike synchronous communication which occurs in “real-time”, meaning both you and your client can communicate and respond to one another instantly and simultaneously, communicating asynchronously allows both parties some time to receive the message and then compose or record a message back. 

Good examples of this communication type are letters, emails, Slack messages, text messages, social media messages, voicemails, voice notes, and video messages aka Loom videos.   

How about your nonverbal cues like eye contact and body language? You can communicate this way using a recorded Loom video and that’s what makes it more fun! It bridges the gaps between emails, phone calls, and video calls.

Though a response may be delayed, it doesn’t lessen the human aspect of the message. Loom videos still capture your voice, your manner of speaking, facial expressions, and hands gestures - as long as your camera captures them, that is! 

This is an advantage because most communications surrounding animation allows asynchronous communication. 

Some responses don’t need to  be instantaneous, just timely, like waiting for a client to send back his reactions on a storyboard, animator explaining why he has chosen a certain type of movement during the production phase.

Using Loom allows you time to compose your reply, record, and send it to the client, all while preserving your personality and true intentions in your message.  

2) Solves Time Differences and Logistics Problems

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Image by Damir Spanic via Unsplash

Send Your Loom Videos at Your Own Pace and Time 

Though you want to always be there for your client’s every need, the reality is that you can’t be. There will be times when you or your client are out of communication. 

This is why Loom is so useful. Even though you may be busy throughout the day or are on vacation, you can still stay in communication in a way that’s at par, or sometimes even better than, a video conference with your client. All this without the hassle of setting up a meeting? It’s the perfect situation! 

No More Time Zone Difference Issues

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GIF by CBS All Access via GIPHY

Your friends who work in office jobs have no doubt expressed their jealousy at your ability as a freelancer to work from anywhere. And it’s true, it can be amazing  to work as an animator with clients from all over the world regardless of where you are. However, what comes with it can also prove itself to be quite challenging: time zone conflicts. 

You don’t need to sacrifice waking up at a reasonable hour or stay up until 2 AM just to meet a client from across the world if you have a better option of sending very important information. 

Video messaging with Loom solves this time boundary that time zones create and allows you to transact with your clients in a much more efficient way. 

You and your client have better things to do than stress about meeting times. When you are working on a very important project, having a meeting scheduled in the middle of your day can be quite tedious. Not to mention the fact that your creative process could be hindered especially when a call isn’t scheduled. 

Using Loom allows you and your client to talk about important things regarding your animation project while allowing you to be productive in your work. It’s a win-win!

3) Allows You and Your Client to Share More Thoughts and Ideas

More Personalization

Loom features

Being formal is necessary in certain situations However, given the client, personalization is a major key to developing good working relationships with your clients. 

Sometimes, your client  wants to hear back from you - literally. A great way to amplify and personalize this is by using a recorded video where the client can hear the tone of your voice and your thoughtfulness in sending something more than just an email. 

It allows your recipient to absorb information using both the senses of sight and hearing. 

More Room to Think 

woman thinking


When communicating in a traditional meeting with your client, some ideas can be lost because you and your client are trying to squeeze in all topics and feedback in one sitting of 30 minutes or an hour. 

Some ideas are worth more time than an hour-long meeting allows. Loom video recording lets you  share ideas that might not have gotten the proper attention during your meeting time.

Some thoughts simply need more time to be considered. If you weren’t able to make a firm decision or plan by the time a meeting ended, you will be bound to -gasp!- schedule yet another meeting. Avoid time wasters like this by getting it all out there with Loom..

4) Show It and Say It

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GIF by Adult Swim via GIPHY

Loom videos help you and your client be understood in a way that grabs and holds onto attention. After all, in this age, people would rather watch videos than read a text

Loom videos allow both you and your client to maximize your level of understanding as opposed to a drawn-out email chain. More often than not, a video recording will be something that involves some preparation, so things will be less stream-of-consciousness and more organized. You will also be able to see the material or subject being referenced while actually hearing someone explain it. 

Let’s say that your client wants to see some changes on an animated video you’ve made.t will save everyone some time if he can just show you those parts using Loom rather than composing an email explaining those things,  which leaves much room for misinterpretation.   

When discussing keyframes, storyboards, and videos with your client ,Loom is the perfect t tool for both you and your client!

With Loom, you can use drawing tools and markers right on your screen to act as a whiteboard wherein you can mark specific details that you want your viewer to focus on. 

Let’s say your client wants to let you know the parts of the storyboard or video that need revisions. They can quickly show you these by marking and telling you through Loom at the same time. 

Instead of going through these by phone or a video conference tool in a meeting that would take an hour, you can use Loom and its features for just  20 minutes. I know, win-win, right?

Using Loom video recordings cannot only help you show complex items, but also save you and your client time and energy (and money!).

5) De-escalates a Frustrated or Upset Client

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GIF by The Voice via GIPHY

You, of course, always make your clients happy, right? Well, even the best of the best animators sometimes upset a client. You cannot please everyone all the time, but you can still provide perfect customer service no matter what happens. 

Instead of replying to an angry client via plain text, you can express your concern and empathy using the tone of your voice and by showing your face. You can show that you feel for them, and share any potential workarounds that they may find useful.

Putting in humanity and empathy pays off. When your client knows that a real human is helping them, it gives them more confidence that  the issue will be resolved.

To avoid an angry client in the first place, balance your work time and spend some time reading through your clients’ emails or hearing their voice messages. Do not reply using the same medium, but rather take advantage of Loom and use it. Most likely than not, your client will appreciate the more-than-usual effort you took to reply. 

Do not only send a recording but also provide solutions so that a client can give you good feedback. The paid feature of Loom will also give you the option to give a call to action by the end of your recorded video. It can be effective when you want your client to respond once your video is seen.

More Than a Tool: Loom is Your Ally 

A video message connects the two types of communication, as it asynchronously delivers a message with all of the verbal and non-verbal elements of synchronous communication. This adds a level of sincerity and can improve your relationship with the client. 

Set Expectations With Your Clients

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GIF by WE tv via GIPHY

Now that you know how Loom can help you, don’t forget to also suggest this to the client you’re working with. It takes two to Loom!

There might be moments when you cannot avoid taking a cold call or responding to emails, but by letting your clients know that you use this tool, you can also help your client save time. 

By letting the client know about Loom and how it works, they might fall in love with it as well.. If you have the time, instead of replying to an email with texts to resolve a concern, try a short Loom video and see how your client responds. 

However, if your client isn’t digging it and it  doesn’t work on their end, then resort to the traditional methods of communication. After all, you want to be able to serve your client in the way they desire, so be sure to maximize every method of communication available. 

We hope that these 5 advantages help you understand how Loom can benefit you and your business. If you want to know more about how to communicate with your clients such as methods used in businesses, download our marketing handbook for free and join our free masterclass.

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