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9 Animation Blogs Worth Checking Out

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Need some inspiration for your animation? Here are 9 amazing animation blogs worth checking out:

9 Animation Blogs Worth Checking Out

1. Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew

Cartoon Brew, founded by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi in 2004, posts about the latest trends, news, ideas, movies, TV shows, and visual techniques related up-to-date about the biggest animation studios. like Disney and Pixar.

2. Animation World Network

Animation World Network

On this site, you'll find a discourse on a variety of topics about the latest interviews with animators, reviews, news, events, careers, and more.

3. AnimSchoolBlog


This is a great resource for learning about animation. This blog provides practical information about how animators can understand digital animation.

4. Animation Magazine

Animation Magazine

This is a comprehensive blog that covers all areas of the animation industry. The website regularly posts about visual effects, digital media, tech reviews, event calendar, job openings, movie guides, and licensing. Basically, if you're looking for information about a variety of animation topics, this blog is perfect for you!

5. Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor

This is great for every animator, from novice to expert, as there's always more to learn and discover in this line of work! It also posts animation tips and tricks, advice, and tutorials from top animators.

6. The Disney Blog

The Disney Blog

Disney fans: this one is for you. The Disney Blog contains everything you'd want to know about the Walt Disney Company, their fans, history, and even their competitors and other related organizations.

7. Upcoming Pixar

Upcoming Pixar

The blog contains all the latest news about Pixar films. It is also the largest Pixar fan community and a large forum where Pixar fans connect about everything related to Pixar and Disney films.

8. Toon Boom Blog

Toon Boom Blog

This blog covers animation news, tips, and stories from the experts. It aims to help animators by building creative animation and solutions for storyboarding software to give animators artistic freedom and efficiency in animation.

9. Bloop Animation

Bloop Animation

This is a blog where animators can learn how to grow in their line of work. They offer free video tutorials, how to's, and explainer articles about a myriad of animation topics.

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