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Animators' Quick Guide to Conducting SWOT Analysis

guide to conducting swot analysis for animators


Determine what you're good at in general and what makes you unique

  • What is my art style?
  • What resources do I have?
  • What makes my services different from other animator's services?
strengths of the swot analysis for animators


Constructively identify and analyze prior mistakes and areas that need improvement.

  • Where can I improve?
  • What can't I deliver well?
  • Where an I lacking resources?
weaknesses of the swot analysis for animators


Consider any person, tool, or activity that could open new doors for you.

  • What technology can I use to improve my output?
  • Can I expand the services I offer?
  • What new niche can I explore?
  • Who can I connect with to find prospects?
opportunities for swot analysis for animators


Assess what difficulties or obstacles keep you from achieving your goals and dreams.

  • What are the possible restrictions on my resources?
  • What do my competitors do well?
  • What trends threaten my services?
threats for swot analysis for animators

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how to find success as an animator
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