15 Benefits of Being a Freelance Animator

The life of a freelance animator can be challenging, but also rewarding. Here are 15 Benefits of Being a Freelance Animator:

1. Make a lot more money
2. Full control over how much you're paid
3. No income ceiling

4. Full control over your time
5. Can choose projects you work on
6. Build your portfolio and reputation

7. Real job security
8. Can work from anywhere
9. No office politics or bureaucracy

10. No micromanagers
11. Don't have to be the top 1% of animators
12. Can write off all expenses

13. Can take off as much time as you want
14. High demand for freelancers
15. You can still work with big animation studios but on your own terms!

Check out Business of Animation's blog for more in-depth tips on how to grow your animation business!

Build Your Freelance Animation Business

Should you be an On-Staff Animator, Freelance Animator, or Studio Owner?

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