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Best Tools Animators Can Use to Find Email Addresses

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Are you wondering how you can get more animation clients? Check out this list of the best tools animators can use to find email addresses of potential clients.

Best Tools Animators Can Use to Find Email Addresses


Using RocketReach you can find anyone's email address, phone number, and more from 50+ sites in a single search. It has a Chrome extension that can extract email addresses from sites such as LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList, Google, etc.

RocketReach is an excellent tool for finding and verifying email addresses. Hunter offers a Chrome extension that allows you to instantly generate a list of email addresses for any domain that you are visiting.


VoilaNorbert is an excellent platform for finding new email addresses and it's also a handy tool for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to verify a dozen or more emails a month.

VoilaNorbert is one of the best email finders for 2020. Just type in the name and domain and you will get their email address along with the sources where they extracted the email address.


AeroLeads is among a few prospecting software that works with multiple websites like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, etc, to find business emails. It is a user-friendly software that works in real-time and is said to have an accuracy level of more than 95%.



If all else fails, there's always Google! Just like what you would search for anything else in Google, fill the search bar with the right combination of keywords to find the result.

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