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Competitive Advantages of New Freelance Animators

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competitive advantages of freelance animators

1. Communication Skills

Practice presenting yourself and your ideas professionally. Employ user-friendly channels and be clear throughout negotiations to make it easy for clients to approach or connect with you.

freelance animators can have an advantage with their communication skills

2. Rates

Pricing your animation services that justify the value you deserve is a must. However, starting out, being the affordable option might help attract more clients.

After you've gained experience, make sure to adjust your rates accordingly.

new freelance animators have an advantage with their rates

3. Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the clients' most important deciding factors. This means you can get things done, without wasting time and effort.

freelance animators who are efficient have an advantage

4. Unique Animation Style

Creating unique animation styles can drive clients to you even if you are still a newbie

freelance animators with an advantage of a unique animation style

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