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Don't Cut Down Your Animation Rate, Do This Instead!

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Many freelance animators have experienced this issue. Clients aren't always willing to pay what you're worth. But don't cut your rates as a result! Communicate the value of your service and find more clients who value you.

don't cut down your animation rate, here are some things you can do instead

Have You Ever Been Asked to Cut Down Your Rate by a Potential Client?

have you ever been asked to cut down your rate by a potential client?

What Are the Initial Responses That Come to Your Mind?

  • Absolutely not.
  • Why don't you think I'm worth it?
  • What! Are you serious?!
  • I could, but then I'd have to pay for it out of my own pocket.
what are some of the initial responses that come to mind when asked to lower your animation rate?

But If You Think About It, This is an Opportunity to Justify Your Rate

being asked to lower your rate is an opportunity to justify your rate

So Here are 4 Ways to Deal With the Situation...

here are 4 ways to deal with clients asking you to lower your rate
  1. Before quoting a price, describe in detail the value of your services.
  2. Use good/better/best price anchors to persuade them that the middle option is the most appealing
  3. Consider reducing your services to match their reduced price if you really want to work with them.
  4. Finally, recognize that this could be a red flag that you should not work with them.
describe your services in detail, use price anchors, consider reducing your services to match the rate, and know that their asking might be a red flag

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