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7 Expert Tips On How Animators Can Build More Self-Discipline

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Here are 7 expert tips on how animators can build more self-discipline.

7 Expert Tips On How Animators Can Build More Self-Discipline

1. Power up your motivation.

Power up your motivation.

Know your why - your reason, your purpose... Think about the rewards you'll achieve if you get the job done or the consequences you'll get if you did not finish your tasks on time. Know what gets you excited and inspire yourself to take action.

2. Challenge yourself.

Challenge yourself.

Create goals. challenges, or set deadlines for yourself. Before setting a deadline, you have to plan out your S.M.A.R.T. goals first. Define your specific goal or vision, make it challenging, give yourself a deadline, and get moving.

3. Remove or avoid temptations.

Remove or avoid temptations.

Working from home is a challenge since everything you find comfortable is only a few steps away. So set up your workspace. Keep temptations out of reach (ex. food, a super cozy bed, etc.) and keep the area clean and organized to make work easier for you.

4. Just do it.

Just do it.

Drop the drama and make no excuses. Just start doing and keep at it. Don't wait for the right mood. We know how much time we waste just by waiting for the right moment to get back to work. We don't want to waste time, so start doing and thank yourself later for doing so.

5. Small consistent actions.

Small consistent actions.

To progressively build a productive routine, you have to start small. Rather than overwhelming yourself with overambitious steps, it's easier to do things consistently if you start small. You can simply do this by waking up early or making your bed first thing in the morning.

6. Boost your accountability.

Boost your accountability.

Try to find an accountability partner or group. "When you are accountable to someone or a group of people for doing what you said you would do, you can easily get stuff done because you engage the power of social expectation" (Thomas Oppong)

7. Think long term.

Think long term.

How do you imagine yourself 5 or 10 years from now? What are you doing now to make your goals happen? Put temporary desires aside and reflect on your daily tasks and see if what you're doing takes you incrementally towards accomplishing your goals.

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