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Freelance Animator's Cheatsheet to Success

freelance animators cheatsheet for success

✅ Choose an In-demand Niche

✅ Experiment with Lead Generation and Double Down on What Works

✅ Try Offering monthly Retainers for a Steady Income

choose an in demand niche, experiment with lead generation, and offer video retainers as an animator

✅ Never Forget to Add the Cost of the Software You Use or Add-on Expenses on Your Pricing

✅ Ask for Feedback from Other Animators or Mentors

✅ Set up Templates of the Documents Needed for Onboarding New Clients

add the software cost, ask feedback from other animators or mentors, and use templates for onboarding

✅ Utilize Online Management Tools to Reduce the Load of Admin Work

✅ Invest in Having Coaches or Mentors

use online management tools and animation mentors

Want to Learn the 6 Most Important Things Every Animator Needs to Know to Be Successful

how to find success as an animator

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