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Freelance Job Application Mistakes Animators Should Avoid

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Are you struggling with your freelance job applications? Do you feel like you're doing something wrong?

Freelance job application mistakes animators should avoid

Take some time to review these freelance job application mistakes animators should avoid:

1. Not Doing Your Research

Always be prepared to answer the "why you" question.

2. Attaching Your Whole Portfolio

Attach sample works that are only relevant to client's category.

1: Not doing your research
2:Attaching your whole portfolio

3. Your Pitch is Too Long

Keeping your sales pitch short but relevant not only helps you save time but also shows that you value your client's time.

4. Not Following Up With Clients

Find your optimum number of times of follow-ups for every project.

3: Your pitch is too long
4: Not following up with clients

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