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How to Cater Rush Animation Services

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Set Clear Goals and Timelines

Keep the big picture front and center, and set an everyday timeline that you will strictly follow

animator sets their clear goals and timelines despite the rushed services

Prioritize Your Tasks

Make sure that you are focusing on the most important parts of your animation work and allow little but enough time for the unimportant parts

an animator fixing their schedule to prioritize their tasks

Anticipate Change

Anticipating change also means being ready to deal with sudden changes to avoid delays and other conflicts

animator staying calm as they anticipate change in the rush project

Get Feedback

Communicate your progress to your client because your client's feedback during the process will help you save time on revisions

an animator who is receiving feedback from the client

Add a Rush Fee

Resh services make you work overtime (ex: sleepless nights). So you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't have an additional rush fee in place. It depends on many factors, but some freelancers charge 25%-50% more than the original price for rush services.

an animator who is doing a rushed job is compensated through a rush fee

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