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How To Create Effective Facebook Ads For Your Animation Business

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Advertising is an important aspect of any business. As a freelance animator or an animation studio owner, advertising can help spread the word about your business or inform your existing clients of any updates about your products/services. Eventually, there will be clients in the market willing to buy your product or hire you at any given time. Facebook is one of the common platforms people use to promote their business through online/social media ads.

Here are 8 tips on how to create effective Facebook ads for your animation business:

How To Create Effective Facebook Ads For Your Animation Business

1. Keep it simple and direct.

Keep it simple and direct.

Keep your ads simple! Grab the users attention with your VISUALS (image/video). Let clients know your VALUE PROPOSITION and why it is RELEVANT to them. Tell your clients what you want from them with a clear CALL TO ACTION.

2. Build brand awareness with the right target market.

Build brand awareness with the right target market.

When possible, include your brand name and/or logo in your ad creative (image/video) and/or ad copy to build your BRAND AWARENESS.

It's important to target the RIGHT AUDIENCE for the products/services that you offer, otherwise, your time and marketing efforts will go to waste and will take more time to produce a successful event.

3. Make your ad copy catchy.

Make your ad copy catchy.

Ad copy is the text in your advertisement.

Ad Text = Less than 20 words, include a least 1 emoji (should pique curiosity and sell the outcome).

Ad Headline = Less than 6 words, hook the user, and make them want to click!

Simple and straightforward works best!

4. Use highly quality visuals.

Use highly quality visuals.

Always use HIGH resolution images.

If possible, avoid using stock photos. Users prefer AUTHENTIC images and videos, even if you are just using your cell phone to capture the media.

Think MOBILE first. Don't include text so small on the image/video that users won't be able to read it on their phone.

Look at TOP brands and competitors for inspiration!

5. Test in bulk.

Test in bulk.

Rather than assuming the first ad copy that pops into your head will work great, TEST as many variations as possible (A/B) split testing).

You can test multiple variables at once in your Facebook ad campaign via the "Dynamic Creatives" feature.

There is no perfect ad copy formula! So TEST to see what works best with every varying target market!

6. Track everything you test.

Track everything you test.

It's important to track everything you test! While Facebook Ads Manager is great for looking at past ad campaigns, you should also create an excel doc to track every headline, ad copy, ad creative, clicks, engagement... EVERYTHING that results in leads, sales, or clients.

This can also help you shape future ads since you will be able to see which ad variables equal RESULTS.

You can also use this document to TRACK what other companies are using for their Facebook ads.

7. Do not make misleading claims.

Do not make misleading claims.

The most common reason for rejected ads is "misleading claims". Ads must NOT contain unrealistic results or false claims.

Never make a specific claim like "get rich/make money" or "lose XX pounds." Rather, keep your ad copy focused on hooking the users attention, piquing their curiosity, and selling the outcome.

8. Read Facebook policies.

Read Facebook policies.

One of the biggest issues in creating an ad is getting your ad rejected.

Before EVER creating a Facebook Ad, reading Facebook's Advertising Policies is required!

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