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How to Establish Your Name as an Animator

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Have you ever wondered what the first steps of establishing your name in the animation industry are?

Here are 5 small steps to get you started:

How to Establish Your Name as an Animator

1. Create a page where you post your animations.

Create a page.

2. Engage with your audience by replying to their comments, messages, questions, reactions, and so on.

2. Engage with your audience.

3. Connect with other animators or industry professionals to expand your network.

3. Connect with others and grow your network.

4. Schedule and upload your animations on a regular basis so that your audience knows when to expect new creations from you.

4. Schedule and upload your animations consistently.

5. Provide your contact info and other pertinent details to make it easier for potential clients to reach you and avail your animation services.

5. Provide your contact information and other pertinent details.

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