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How to Figure Out If Your YouTube Ads are Working

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Measuring your video campaign performance is a necessity if you want to make sure you're effectively promoting your animation service. There are 6 key metrics you'll need to keep an eye on to see if your YouTube ads are working:

How to Figure Out If Your YouTube Ads are Working


The number of times people watched your animation video ad. This will help you see the size of the audience you’re reaching.


2. Clicks

The number of times people clicked on your video. This can help you understand how engaging your ad is to people who see it.


3. Video Viewership

This allows you to see what share of viewers completed 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your animation video ad. It helps you understand where your viewers are losing interest and how you can improve your messaging.

Video Viewership

4. Engagement Rate

These are earned actions, views, and subscribes a viewer makes when watching your YouTube video.

Engagement Rate

5. Conversion

This allows you to calculate the exact ROI of your YouTube advertising efforts.


6. Cost per Conversion

Represents how successful an ad is in achieving its goal based on the total cost of that ad. Formula: Cost Per Conversion= Total Cost of Generating Traffic/Total Number of Conversions

Cost per Conversion

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