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How to Handle Clients Who Can't Pay

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how to handle clients who cant pay

1. Start in the Middle Ground

Having flexible payment terms could give your client flexibility and breathing room while still getting you paid fill (ex: subscription plans or retainer-based pricing)

start in the middle ground with difficult animation clients

2. Offer Discounts

However, be firm and give discounts at consistent or standard amounts to avoid constant haggling or bargaining from clients.

offer discounts for animation clients who cant pay

3. Decline Their Offer

If their budget is too low, and none of the earlier options match their estimate, it's okay to politely decline their offer. But it's good if you keep in touch with them. The situation may be different in the future.

decline the offer of animation clients who cant pay

4. Include Payment Terms in the Contract

Always include your payment terms in the contract. It's critical to be clear about this with the client before you start working on the project.

include payment terms so difficult clients know to pay you

Dealing with this type of situation can be tricky. What's important is you know your worth and understand the options available to you.

know your wroth as animation

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