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How Animators Can Get Clients with Twitter Ads

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Twitter isn’t just for seeing what celebrities have to say about politics; it can also be a powerful marketing tool for your animation services. You can use Twitter’s advertising service to build brand awareness, increase engagement, and get more animation clients.

With more than 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter, advertising on this platform is sure to get you noticed.

According to BigCommerce, Twitter is an excellent resource for attracting customers down the sales funnel. A BigCommerce survey shows that almost half (49%) of female Twitter users say that content on Twitter has influenced their purchase decisions.

And 17% of men purchased something directly from a Tweet they saw. These numbers show how having an active Twitter presence can help individuals and brands increase their reach, conversion, and revenue.

Suppose your audience is a part of the 330 million people who use Twitter. In that case, Sleeping Giant Media says, diverting a slice of your paid advertising budget into Twitter could be a wise decision.

While Twitter’s targeting options don’t get as specific as Facebook’s, for example, that doesn’t mean Twitter ads aren’t worthwhile.aTwitter still has good segmentation options that will help you reach your target audience. 

In this blog post, we list down a seven-step guide to running Twitter Ads and gaining animation customers.

Step 1: Create a Twitter Ads Account

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Image by freestocks via Unsplash

Before connecting with potential animation clients for your animation business, you’ll need an account for your business. Go to, sign in to your Twitter Ads account, select your Country, Time zone, and click the Let’s go button.

Step 2: Decide on Your Campaign Objective

Twitter Ad objectives

Do you want more people to be aware of your brand? Do you want more animation customers to view your videos? Each Twitter campaign objective has specific goals under the marketing funnel. 

Twitter for Business gives several objectives you can choose from. There are Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion goals. A Reach campaign will help promote your message to a large audience.

Under Consideration, you can select Video Views, Pre-Roll Views, App Installs, Website Clicks, Engagements, and Followers. Video Views campaigns drive more views to your media content. Tweets with videos can attract ten times more engagement compared to tweets without videos.

Pre-roll Views campaigns play your video before other video content from hundreds of partners that your target audience is interested in. App Installs campaigns drive more app downloads. This is a good way to connect with Twitter’s mobile audience. 

Website Clicks campaigns bring traffic to your website. You can those who see your tweets to your landing page and encourage them to take action.

Engagements campaigns connect you with your target audience and promote interactions through polls, questions, and contests.

Followers campaigns help you build a target audience on Twitter. With any campaign, make your ad copy clear and compelling while still showcasing your unique value proposition.

Lastly, you can get App re-engagements under the Conversion objective. This campaign encourages Twitter users to open, update, or take an action in your app. If you have a new app feature, this is an easy way to drive app engagement and show its unique features.

Step 3: Pick Your Bid Type

Pick your bid type on Twitter

Image via Twitter for Business

Next, you’ll need to pick your bid type. According to Twitter’s bidding and auctions FAQ, Twitter Ads serve users by competing in an auction where advertisers bid against each other in order to show their ads to their target audience.

Twitter Ads consider both the price an advertiser is willing to pay as well as the quality of your ad.

Insert your ad group name, decide how much you want to be for each billable action, how long you want to run your campaign, and your bid type. Your ad will automatically enter the auction when your campaign starts running.

Step 4: Set Your Budget

There is no specific amount of money you are supposed to spend in a day. The price of your Twitter Ads is up to you, and you can choose your daily budget.

How much you will have to pay will depend on your audience’s size, how many advertisers there are after the available ad space, and how much you’re willing to pay. Twitter suggests that you allot 30USD/day to reach audiences consistently.

Step 5: Choose Your Target Audience

Choose your target audience on Twitter Ads

Now, define the audience you want to target for your ad. You can narrow down your target audience by choosing their gender, age, locations, languages, devices used, carriers, and people who recently saw and engaged with your Tweets.

You will also need to select a Tweet type. You can choose from Organic Tweets, Scheduled Tweets, or Promoted-Only Tweets.

Promoted Tweets will allow your tweets to appear in the Twitter streams or Twitter search results of your target audience. Meanwhile, Promoted-Only Tweets are shown to users targeted in your ad campaigns.

Unless specifically targeted, users will not see them in your timelines and are not visible in search results. When targeted users view them, they will look like regular Tweets and can be replied to, retweeted, and liked.

Make sure you use Twitter’s demographics filters wisely so that you can find quality followers who will become your loyal animation clients someday. If you want to reach out to people living beyond your country or region, you can click the Locations, Languages, and Technology field and insert other languages. 

The Platform option allows you to target people using iOS or Android devices and desktop or laptops.

Scroll down to Audience Features to choose how you want to target your potential followers based on keywords they used in their Tweets, events they mentioned, their interests, follower look-alikes, and movies/shows they mentioned in their Tweets.

Step 6: Select Your Ad Creative and Placement

Select your Twitter Ad placement

Image via Twitter for Business

Next, it’s time to choose a creative. You can select from an existing list of Tweets that you have or create a recent Tweet by clicking the blue check icon with the feather.

When composing a Tweet for your ad, select from an image, video, poll, and card. When creating a website Card, choose your image, fill out the headline, website URL, and Card name. 

Next, choose the ad placements for your ad. You can choose from users’ profiles, Twitter pages, and search results and expand your reach on the Twitter Audience Platform. You can preview the ad on the desktop view, iOS, and Android devices. Once you’ve made your selection, click Next.

Step 7: Review Your Campaign

If everything looks good, click Launch Campaign. Once the campaign starts getting impressions, you will see numbers start moving on Twitter Analytics. Take time to analyze how your campaign is landing with your audience, and pay attention to whether the business has improved since launching your ad. 

Twitter Advertising Tips

Make Your Content Straightforward and Convincing

Undeveloped Titter Ad sample

Image via AdEspresso

Putting out relevant and attractive content is the key to gaining animation clients. Make sure you use visually engaging creatives and short but convincing copy. Just because you can use 280 characters in a Tweet does not mean you have to use them all. Users scroll through Twitter quickly, so get to the point fast.

Use Relevant Hashtags, Emojis, and Calls-to-Action

Coca Cola Twitter hashtags

Image via Mention

Don’t leave your audience wondering about what to do next. Whatever you want your audience to do, make it clear to them.

Offer Lead Magnets

Skillshare sample lead magnet

Image via Foundr

Use lead magnets such as tutorials, podcasts, or discounts to new customers. Remember that when promoting, you should put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and try to get into their minds. What kind of content would they like to see from you? How would they want to interact with you?

Make Your Text and Videos Easy to View

Spotify Twitter ad for three months of Premium.

Image via Sh1ft

For your images, use bright colors and readable fonts. For your videos, add subtitles and keep them under 6-15 seconds.

Engage With Your Followers

Once people react to and comment on your posts, you have the perfect chance to build relationships with them. Regularly reacting and responding to their Tweets is a great way to build rapport.

If you want to create more campaigns, first check how your previous campaign worked and how you can improve.

Experiment With Campaign Objectives

Twitter suggests that you have 3-5 creative options and rotate them to learn what visual your audience best responds to. These options can be customized more for more specific customers.

Summing It Up

Twitter Ads is an excellent way for you to be seen, connect with your target audience, and show what you can offer, not just in free advertising but in paid advertising as well.

It has excellent targeting options that can help you target the right audience for your animation ads. The more specific target options you choose, the more likely you will build relationships with an audience that can become your animation clients.

If you are looking for ways to gain animation clients and learn new information about having a freelance animation business, make sure you sign up for our free masterclass and download our free marketing handbook.

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