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How to Secure Your Pay for Your Animation Services

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how to secure your pay for your animation services

1. Find the Right Clients to Work With

You can protect your work by conducting quick checks when a project is offered to you.

find the right clients to work with as an animator

2. Have Written Proof or Contract

Have written proof confirming the project details you and your client agreed upon. Always start working AFTER signing the contract.

have written proof or contract as an animator

3. Promptly Send the Invoice Follow Up

Soon after completion, send an invoice, and include all pertinent information. If clients don't pay on time, remind them by following up.

promptly send the invoice and follow up as an animator

4. Keep All Your Records Organized

You need to keep your work schedule organized so you can keep track of things like when you should send an invoice.

as an animator keep all your records organized

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how to get more animation clients
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