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5 Inner Walls That Block An Animator's Path To Self-Mastery

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Here are 5 inner walls that block an animator's path to self-mastery.

5 Inner Walls That Block An Animator's Path To Self-Mastery

1. Sensual Desire

Sensual Desire

According to Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi, we lose sight of our main focus or goals if we become distracted by whatever catches the attention of our 5 senses - sight, smell, sound, taste, and feeling. For example, the choice between eating delicious food versus intense workout in the gym. One cannot achieve clarity when one gives in to sensual desires to the point of addiction or obsession.

2. Ill Will/Aversion

Ill Will/Aversion

Master Yi defines ill will as "a state of the mind that arises from negative emotions." Negative emotions can be attributed to aversions or dislikes. Any journey won't be subjectively pleasant once you encounter things that you dislike. Your attitude towards things can either positively or negatively impact your momentum to move on or to keep going.

3. Dullness/Heaviness


This is characterized by the feeling of being uninspired or unmotivated. When one lacks motivation, you block yourself from doing things that are inclined toward your goals. This is like locking yourself up in a cell - your own imprisonment. The only way out is to get out. Become the key to your own prison.

4. Restlessness


Restlessness is described by having an unsettled mind. Unsettled in the sense that you're thinking too much about the future or the past that you're starting to neglect the present. You wanted to get your goals quickly, but you're not focusing your mind on what you can do now. The best time to start is now... one step or one drop at a time.

5. Skeptical Doubt

Skeptical Doubt

In connection to restlessness, skeptical doubt is described as having indecisive thoughts. Too much thinking about what others will say or frequently doubting your abilities is self-sabotage. Eventually, this will disconnect you from the goals and aspirations that you have once set for yourself. Along with other inner walls, too many doubts will stop you from achieving self-mastery.

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