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NFTs and Crypto Animation: What They Are and How to Use Them

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You may feel a shiver of fear run down your spine when you think about selling your digital art online. How do you know you’ll be dealing in secure online transactions? What about ownership of your digital animation and ensuring you receive royalties?

This is where crypto animation comes in, in all its blockchains and codes!

As an animator, you may be wondering what the benefits of getting started in crypto animation could be? Well, dealing in digital animation is a lucrative way to stay current and engage with buzzing animation markets right now. 

But how exactly does one go about trading art online and what are the pros and cons of using different types of online trading assets?

In this blog post, we explain what crypto animation is, the difference between NFTs and cryptocurrency, and share some awesome ways that any animator can add crypto animation to their professional arsenal. 

More About Crypto Animation

nft crypto animation example

GIF by Blastedclub2 via Tenor

Today, many online trading assets hold as much value as cold, hard cash and credit. So why not cash in on the trade of your digital animations online?

Digital animations that have their ownership verified through online trading assets are called crypto animation, and crypto animation has become a hot commodity. 

Since the beginnings of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has stood the test of time and shown just how monumental its worth is in both online and real-world economics.

Cryptocurrency allows for secure online transactions because all data related to sales and purchases are stored in units called blocks. As more data is generated, more blocks are created to store it. 

All of these blocks are linked to form a blockchain, and these records allow sellers and buyers to keep track of all their online transactions. This secure blockchain system forms the basis for many of the online trading currencies that have come about in recent years.

As the trading terrain of digital artwork has transformed over time, so too have online trading assets.

Unique types of online currencies like NFTs can represent any kind of digital artwork that you own, such as animations, tweets, and music.  

This type of crypto art makes use of unique codes that reflect the ownership of each digital artwork item. This ownership tag is carried throughout the items blockchain, making it possible for an artist to make a profit whenever their work is reproduced, earn royalties, and set their own selling prices. 

Many artists have started to produce NFT art to trade as crypto art.

NFTs first emerged in 2014, with public interest only picking up speed in 2018. They brought with them a satisfying spin within the online art trading scene, which hadn’t yet addressed the issues of ownership and royalties. 

nfts are similar to the museum but for modern artists like animators

Image Matheus Viana by via Pexels

So where does the term crypto animation fit into all this?

What Exactly Is Crypto Animation?

Crypto animation refers to both artworks verified through NFTs as well as videos created to explain the concept of dealing in crypto animation.

To get a better picture of what crypto animation explainer videos are, take a look at these crypto art and cryptocurrency explainer videos focused on how to sell animation online, blockchains, NFTs, and coins versus tokens

Crypto animation videos can turn complicated information about online assets into digestible and easy-to-understand instructions. 

Novice or intermediate digital animation enthusiasts may feel like they’re in another world when buying or selling digital art. Luckily, high-quality crypto animation videos provide easily accessible resources that unravel many tricky concepts, such as:

  • Which type of online assets are best to use for online art trading.
  • What does NFT mean and what are the pros and cons of using this online asset.
  • How to sell art online.
  • How to earn royalties from your digital animations.
  • How to use your profits from trading your online artwork. 
  • Why blockchain animation trading assets offer the most secure online transactions.

To create crypto animation explainer videos or an explainer video series, you’ll need to have a good understanding of two main concepts: how to make great blockchain animations and how to sell art online. 

How to Make The Best Blockchain Animation Explainer Videos 

blockchain animation explainer example

GIF by JustStartInvesting via Giphy

The best blockchain animation explainer videos provide the viewer with the most relevant information, in the most engaging way, within a reasonable period of time. 

How much the blockchain animation artist understands about the topic will shine through in their videos. So knowing the answers to the questions, what does NFT mean, and how does trading in NFTs work is key.

To get a better idea of how to make the best blockchain animation explainer videos, take a look at the top ten explainer videos according to Kasra Design. 

How to Sell Crypto Animation Art Online

Developing blockchain animations can be simple after you’ve done your research, but you shouldn’t take it for granted that selling your art online will be simple too.

You should approach your debut selling digital art with clarity and caution. 

This is because trading in NFTs has real-world and online advantages and disadvantages.

For example, trading in NFTs can allow you to sell your digital animations on more platforms, but it can also have a negative impact on the environment. 

Read this article by on 8 Pros and Cons of NFT Investment for a comprehensive list of advantages and disadvantages. 

If you’re feeling pumped to get started, but feel you need a step-by-step guide, watch How To Do It All’s tutorial video: How To Make and Sell an NFT Step By Step

These are some of the basic steps you should follow when selling your crypto animation:

1. Set Up a Solid NFT-Selling Profile

Choose a reputable selling platform and set up your seller’s profile in a way that makes your digital artwork easy to browse through and enjoy. 

Organizing your online art into collections and including a catchy title, relevant external links, and a good description of what your animated artwork is about will help to make your items stand out. 

2. Decide on the Percentage You Want to Earn In Royalties

When selling digital artwork online using NFTs, you can set the percentage that you’d like to earn in royalties from resales of your piece. 

When setting this percentage, think about how many copies of the item you’re selling, how valuable you think the item is, and what would be a reasonable and worthwhile percentage to earn—all things considered.

3. Have an Online Wallet Set Up For Your Transactions

Somewhere between confirming your royalties and listing your item for sale, the trading platform will request that you link to an online cryptocurrency wallet.

There are a few different wallets you can pick from. Reading more about top-rated NFT wallets can help you make an informed decision. 

4. Sell, Sell, Sell!

Actually selling a digital animation online is often as easy as clicking the “Sell” button on most selling platforms.

But don’t be too hasty with that click! Remember that the details linked to your NFT animation can’t be edited once your item goes live. So check, and then double-check, that you’re happy with all the associated information.

You can choose to sell your crypto animation in a number of different ways. 

If you already know the amount you’d like to sell for, you can trade your NFT animations at a fixed price. 

If you don’t want to limit yourself to a specific number, you can put your crypto animation up for auction and accept a bid that you’re happy with. Auctions can be done on an unlimited or timed basis, depending on whether you’re patient enough to wait for that perfect bid—no matter how long it takes—or not. 

Watch Tommy Bryson’s video tutorial: How To Create An NFT And Sell It l Step By Step With No Money for a visual guide on how to sell NFT artwork.

5. Promote and Monitor Your Crypto Art 

Once your item is listed, you can share the listing to your social media accounts and generate more interest. 

You can also set up notifications and receive updates on transactions related to your online art. 

Listing a few low-risk items at the same time, and keeping an eye on how views and bids differ between items, is a good way to become better accustomed to the process of selling digital art online. 

an animator asking you to order their crypto art

GIF by Kassandrheller via Tenor

How Are NFTs and Cryptocurrency Different?

NFTs aren’t considered cryptocurrency, because they differ in several ways that are important for animators to take note of when buying or selling digital animations.

Both NFTs and cryptocurrency are considered legitimate online trading assets, but each one comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Here are some key considerations:

  • Both NFTs and cryptocurrency involve secure online transactions.
  • The same blockchain technology is used when dealing in NFTs or cryptocurrency. However, NFTs use a unique, owner-specific blockchain code.
  • Due to their unique tag, NFTs verify ownership and establish a channel for accruing royalties while cryptocurrency doesn’t.
  • Unlike cryptocurrency, NFTs can’t be replaced or interchanged.
  • One NFT is not always comparable to another similar NFT because of the uniqueness of each item, but cryptocurrencies are comparable. 

Understanding NFTs and how they differ from cryptocurrency can be tricky. Take a look at Simplilearn’s animated explainer video for a more in-depth look at the differences between NFTs and cryptocurrency.

the difference between nfts and crypto animation

GIF by Jӕn via Giphy

How You Can Work Crypto Animation Into Your Everyday Hustle

The buzz around crypto animation brings a hive of opportunity for animators to take advantage of.

Yes, the buying and selling of online art using NFTs can be a big plus. But animators can also cash in on the demand for animated explainer videos that clarify what NFTs are and how they work.

The high demand for clear and engaging animated explainer videos of this type spouts from the massive uptick in novice online art enthusiasts over the last few years.

With confidence in crypto animation at an all-time high, more and more people on the outskirts of the information technology and investment sectors are looking to benefit from NFTs in some way or another. 

As artists and NFT users, animators hold the key to communicating the technical terrain of NFTs in simple yet effective ways to different audiences.

how animators can use crypto animation to their hustle

GIF by Superstore via Giphy

Buy Into Crypto Animation To Conquer The Digital Scene

Whether you’re churning out explainer videos or more interested in buying and selling animated artwork online, dealing in crypto animation can grow the success of your animation business.

Start by setting a solid foundation for trading your animated artwork online by:

  • doing your research and knowing how to navigate crypto animation trade platforms and sell animated artwork online
  • creating an online selling profile that’s professional and user-friendly 
  • listing high-quality digital animations and animated explainer videos
  • monitoring your online trade activity to gain real-world insight.

Get your animation business ready for success and prepare for the boom you can experience from crypto animation by checking out our free masterclass, downloading our free marketing handbook, and getting inspired by our blog post on How to Start an Animation Studio

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