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7 Niche Industries That Show Why Animation is Important

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Animation is an industry that has made huge contributions in both the marketing and entertainment sectors. Although these contributions were very important, there are other industries that have also benefited from animation.

Animation's impact has been significant in many sectors, however, the nature of some industries has made animation’s impact more important and valuable to society. Whether it be for the development of children or healthcare, animation has played its part.

In this blog, we will analyze how and where animators and animation businesses can find their place in these ‘important’ industries. So sit back, grab your animating weapons and get ready to fight meaningful battles that could potentially change lives!

Why Is Animation Important?

As human beings, one of the most natural connections between us is communication. Communication makes it possible for people to bring across ideas, establish understanding, and ultimately make our time here on Earth a lot more unified. 

You might be asking yourself, what about when we don't understand each other? Step in, Animation. Animators have the potential ability to translate concepts into illustrations that land with audiences across different demographics, cultures, and environments.

This potential has opened the doors to many animation possibilities in many different industries. Communication is an essential part of any organization. This makes Animation a valuable option to organizations looking to improve their communication systems.

7 Industries that show Why Animation is Important

As an aspiring animator, you might have had certain industries in mind for when you start applying your trade. Now we do encourage you to establish a direction with your work, but do not feel limited in your approach. The potential of animation is growing and won't stop!

Your animation skillset is valuable and you should never feel restricted when deciding the industry you are going to work in. We have all heard the saying: “Choose the correct career and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Here are 6 important industries you could choose from:

1. Animation In Healthcare

Grow up passionately watching Grey's Anatomy but never really had an interest in being a doctor? Creating animations for the healthcare industry could be your combining answer.

Animation can be used to illustrate complex procedures and help doctors work quicker in time-sensitive situations and explain the complicated procedure to a client easily.

an animation of of someone being operated on

GIF by Tenor

2. Animation In Education  

We’ve all been in a classroom where something just doesn't make sense. It could just require a different approach to teaching in order to prevent that brain twister. Education institutions use animation to bring across lessons in a manner easier to digest than conventional methods.

an animated video that showcases education

GIF by meetbob via Tenor

3. Animation In Law  

Whether guilty or not guilty, the court relies on communication and understanding. We all are impacted by the law even though we don't all have a law degree to digest it.

Courtroom animators use animation to translate complex cases into videos that are easier to understand and eventually, judge. Your courtroom animations can also showcase certain incidents or accidents in detail to a panel.

animation in law and how important it is for the court

GIF by Atinder via Tenor

4. Animation For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing

A big part of society often overlooked in schools, work environments, etc. harbors one of animation's biggest potential impacts. It must be such a scary world where so few people are able to communicate in your language (sign language).  This is where your animations come in.

Due to animations' capability of transcending language barriers, animators are able to reach an audience in a way conventional videos fundamentally cannot. The Deaf and Hard of hearing can use animation videos both communicate with and understand the rest of the world!

animation of american sign language

GIF by intoaction via Tenor

5. Animation In Space

One small step for man, big strides for animators! We all know space is dangerous and unpredictable. There are just so many complex procedures due to the logistical requirements of going to space.

Animation can be used to create videos that illustrate content quicker and makes procedures easier to understand and not get wrong!

how animators can break into industries like spacecraft

GIF by lobsterstudio via Tenor

6. Animation In Translation

With the rise of social media and the internet, people from all over the world now have the means to connect. This has created a situation where people need a way of communicating that doesn't require ‘copy, paste, and google translate”.

Animation can add visual representation to terms in order to help viewers translate new languages.

animation being important in the field of translation

GIF by planetcare via Tenor

7. Animation In Business

Animation has had a widespread impact on the business world. Businesses are always looking at ways to better communicate their brand and animation has opened new possibilities for this. Animation businesses help brands establish and coordinate their identity. 

businessmen who are animated showing the importance of animation in business

GIF by NobleDame via Tenor

4 Ways Why Animation is Important for Businesses

Whether small or big, animation has played a role in most industries. Marketing is a vital component of all businesses. It is also a sector that has a high ceiling regarding the use of animation. Here are 4 ways animation has blown the roof off of the business world:

1. Animation As A Marketing Tool

There are many arguments as to what the most important part of a business's operation is. Any argument that doesn't involve marketing instantly loses credibility. Marketing can be seen as the voice of a company. A good product speaks for itself but marketing gets it a hearing.

Animators translate marketing briefs into compelling videos that explain and demonstrate products or services. This is especially valuable with products that need a certain understanding in order to display their value/uses. 

2. Crypto - Animation NFTs 

The future is upon us! Cryptocurrencies and new technological economic developments like NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) have revolutionized how wealth can be transferred. NFTs specifically are represented through animated characters. You read right, animated!

Cryptocurrencies are new and clearly here to stay. Animation videos are used by many traders in order to explain concept theories and concepts. NFTs however, directly involve animation and can carry great value. The most expensive one sold for over $90m!

animated nfts and cryptocurrency as a new industry for animators

GIF by nftsteale via Tenor

3. Business Conferences 

Another important part of the business world is networking. Not many events facilitate networking as much as business conferences. These conferences allow businesses owners to connect with other entrepreneurs and share ideas, challenges, and solutions.

Animation is used at these conferences to display figures, statistics, and other data-related content in simple ways that don't require hours of translation. It does not matter how strong your content is if it does not land with your audience. Animation is your answer!

4. Animation Cinematics - A New Genre Of Movies

Cinematics, the industry animation is mostly associated with. Whether it be the special way animation connects with children or how anime has grabbed the attention of viewers across all age groups, animation has made a huge impact by creating its own independent genre.

How Technology Increases Your Animation Businesses Potential

Due to animation's nature, developments in technology create new systems which improve the quality of animation work. Technology is always pushing its boundaries. This has a ripple-on effect and means you will constantly be able to push the boundaries of your animation work! 

Animation Across Borders

One of animations' biggest appeal is that it is extremely universal. You don't need to recast an animation video to make it suits an audience who belongs to a different language group.

All you need is a translation! Animations like Spongebob have been translated into over 50 languages, in over 200 countries!

how animation is important across the borders of the world

GIF by cali7 via Tenor

Where To Start Your Impact as an Animator

Starting your impact as an animation business owner could seem like a complicated ordeal, but we’re here to help! Choosing your direction in animation is important as it will be the focus of your career. Be sure to choose wisely. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing the industry your animation business will impact:

  • What industry are you most passionate about? 
  • How can you impact that industry from an animation perspective?
  • Are there any animators currently working in that industry?
  • Am I ready to use my animation education to take over that industry?

The Importance of Animation and Your Importance as an Animator

We all have a dream job that combines our skillset with our passion. Animation is an industry that does just that for you. Being an animator is channeling yourself through your creativity in order to bring across concepts in your own unique way.

Your dream industry is waiting for your animation skill set. Before you enter that industry, it's important we get you ready to dominate it! Watch our free masterclass, download a copy of our free marketing handbook, and start your journey towards your dream career today!

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