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Why Learn How to Grow Your Freelance Animation Business From Us?

Our Founder, Ben Marvazi, started one of the top 7-figure animation studios, Promoshin, with over 7,000 videos made.

Our Founder's Clients Include

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Ebube O.

I haven't found anyone online who has offered to breakdown animation as a business. You most times see tutorials and techniques in form of course or YouTube tutorial but nothing that teaches the business of it, and I believe you guys see the problem and dedicated to teaching this. I believe you are the right people to put my trust in.

Franco G.

As the owner of the studio I feel we are always getting clients from referrals, but we need to work and improve our marketing and selling strategies.

Rasheeda C.

I am tired of being stuck where I am in life. I have this desire to be able to provide a service for small business and helping the grow. The goal is to not only leave a legacy but be apart of change. Through my creative mindset and entrepreneur appetite a change is going to come. It has to, this burning in me will not let it go.

Ad M.

I watched the Masterclass and the strategies, tools and techniques sound like knowledge that I need to attain in order for my business to be as successful as I want it to be.

Noel Q.

What attracted me to wanting to grow my animation business was the prospect that it could be much more. Having reliable clients that offer fun, challenging and engaging projects on a constant basis is a freelancers dream. Its all about what this opportunity could do for me now and what benefits it could have in the future.

David I.

I saw what animators that went through the same process, how their lives changed so I decided to level up with the acceleration program. I did not want to be left out from such a great opportunity.

Client Reviews

  • James Baffuto 
    North Porth, FL

    “The quality is top-notch for the price you’re going to pay. You can’t beat it. So go out, look, definitely look around. Look at the other products, but I guarantee you come back to Promoshin.”

    Jason Cahill 
    New York, NY

    “Certainly the price is great and competitive but I think that really the responsiveness to emails is really what sent me over the edge.”

    Derek Gerber 
    Orange County, CA

    "They’re responsive, on top of their stuff,
    and if you’re not using their services then you’re truly missing out on a great  opportunity to explain your products.”

    Michael Greer 
    Scottsdale, AZ

    “We actually like them so much, we just wrapped up our second video. The best feature about using Promoshin is their project management and engagement.”

  • Paul Salomone 
    Eastchester, NY

    “As soon as we hired them we knew we made the right choice. They truly had unbelievable customer service and the entire process was very smooth from start to finish.”

    Donna Nordby 
    of Terra Firma Global Partners
    Sebastopol, CA

    "All my friends and family have nothing but rave reviews about the explainer video and what I have to say. It’s made my husband very, very jealous, I think he wants to do one now for his business.”

    Marty Metro of
    Los Angeles, CA

    “Honestly, I am a pretty demanding customer and I didn’t have a single complaint about the entire process or the end product working with Promoshin. If you don’t believe me, contact me.”

    Andy Sutton 
    Thornborough, United Kingdom

    "From the outset I was really impressed with the quality of the service that they offered, the price points that they were able to offer to me but more importantly the quality of the people that I was dealing with.”
  • Paul Slack
    Farmers Branch, TX

    "I did a lot of Google searches. I talked to colleagues and friends just to see what was available out there and quite frankly, I didn’t see anything quite like Promoshin. Nobody had the body of work."

    Jason Iles 
    Henrico, VA

    “I’m walking away with a video that I’m absolutely thrilled to have, and one that
    I don’t think I could have gotten elsewhere.”

    Chris Kunzle of
    Sao Paolo, Brazil

    "They, throughout the process, seemed genuinely interested in what we were trying to achieve. I always got the feeling that they were trying to create something for us and not essentially selling us something off the shelf but really work for us and create something exciting.”

    Michael Krisa
    Ontario, Canada

    “They helped us with the script, they put together a cartoon style video that, you know what, we’re proud to use, but more importantly it converts.”

  • Anne-Sophie Mommessin-Mayos of
    San Jose, CA

    “We did the greatest video here at our booth. People are loving it. So crystal clear. Great graphics. Thank you so much for this
    amazing video.”

    John Baguio 
    New South Wales, Australia

    “Promoshin is very professional with a high level of communication throughout the project. They always keep you updated in all the processes and ask questions to make it better.”

    James Toland 
    Belfast, United Kingdom

    “...We were able to get the opportunity to revise the video over and over again towards the end when we just wanted to get everything spot on for our brand.”

    Lee Parry 
    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    “They hold your hand all the way through the process. The attention to detail has been really surprising.”

  • Jonathan Sampson 
    Boston, MA

    “They really know their stuff when it comes to explainer videos. I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the finished product. I think that they’re much better than the higher priced companies quite frankly.”

    Annita Emerson 
    Dublin, CA

    “I can’t say enough about Promoshin’s professionalism and my video looks amazing. I had 763 shares, four new likes and tons of conversions in one day.”

    Marino Jiakto 
    of Northern Packaging

    “It was really easy to work together despite the fact that they are on another continent. They had so many creative ideas and they helped us how to paint our company in the best light possible.”

    Alex Linebrink 
    Madison Heights, MI

    “I literally got a hold of these guys three or four days in advance of the show. They helped us put together this awesome video in absolutely no time flat. People are stopping and commenting on how great our video is, how great our product is.”
  • Fred Moreno
    Elgin, IL

    “It’s absolutely been a smash. Our leads have been through the roof. We get our message through, and they’re pretty much sold before they even come in.”

    Doug Dahmer 
    Ontario, Canada

    “In the end, we very quickly got a product that matched our needs and it was just so easy to do. The whole process, the whole way long, the team was responsive to our input. I never felt challenged to convey a direction I wanted to go with the video or to get a particular style across.”

    Maria Viistali
    of Cubika Tech
    Coral Springs, FL

    "To sum up, great work quality, great customer service. You can tell they are a passionate team. They definitely know what they are doing. They are very organized and certainly well-priced.”

    James Mason 

    “I’ve researched about four or five different providers, and looking at Promoshin, it was certainly one of those that I think gave the most transparency to the process, delivered from [what could I tell from the testimonials], on what they say they would do...and just quick in the communication.”
  • Taylor Wilson
    Charleston, SC

    “I would recommend somebody who’s looking to create an explainer video and doesn’t know what company to choose to at least strongly consider Promoshin - a) because of their extremely competitive prices, b) because of their fantastic customer service and, c) because of their quality and creative control.”

    Kyle Strong of
    Marrieta, GA

    “I chose Promoshin after being impressed thoroughly by their thoroughness and by the different arms of the company. From the initial call back I was impressed, to the communication of the owner of the company, to the Project Manager, and just the professionalism that was displayed to my Co-Founder and I was very impressive.”

    David Andrawes

    “They are really easy to work with, made the process very simple to follow. The Project Manager that we were working with, George, was lovely to work with and very accommodating and certainly exceeded our expectations in terms of his project management skills, as well as the end product with the final deliverable that was produced.”

    Adan De La Cruz of
    New York, New York

    "Just wanted let the world know how freakin awesome you guys are. I found you guys online by the grace of Google gods. After spending, I can't even tell you how many hours - comparing different video custom explainer video sites. I found your guys site to be pretty cool because you guys have a lot of testimonials, you guys have a lot of examples that I really liked.”
  • Eamon Murphy
    Naples, FL

    “The communication was always there and that was really terrific. The final product was great. It was so good in fact that we used a part of that video but actually created a second video. So when you’re happy enough with the product to use them again, that’s a true testament.”

    David Fontaine 
    of New EDI Marketing
    Atlanta, GA 

    “We felt that they offered a quality product at a reasonable price, compared to some of the other companies we researched out there. We also felt very confident that our communication would be straightforward. There would be no issue in terms of language barrier, that the timelines for communication would be fairly real time, no time zone differences or at least they’d be transparent”

    Jonathan Rose 
    Woodland Hills, CA

    “For what you’re paying for these explainer videos, it’s worth absolutely every single penny. And people give me lots of compliments on it. They think it’s super high quality and really reflects my brand.”

    Meredith Juengel 
    Greensboro, NC

    “Their pricing’s awesome. Their turnaround time is awesome. Their customer service is fantastic. I really can’t say enough about them, and we will definitely be using them in the future.”

Google Reviews

  • Jasmint Tan

    "Highly recommend Promoshin! The team is very patient, fast and easy to work with. They were able to deliver our requests timely and provides good value with high quality animations. I would work with them again for future projects."

    Tracey Poletti

    "We've hired Promoshin for several animated video projects and have been very pleased with their work. They are professional, affordable, and easy to work with. Turn-around time between revisions is good. They are a much better option than hiring a freelancer or consultant. Highly recommend!"

    Joel Symons

    "I hired Promoshin for an animated medical promotional video. Their delivery was professional, personalised, reasonably priced and efficient. I will definitely be using them again for my future projects."
  • Lisa Roberts

    "I enjoyed working with Promoshin through every step of the video process. They were patient, Professional and good listeners. I received everything that I wanted on/from my Explainer Video. It is a wonderful marketing tool. Just love my videos! Thank you!"

    Kelvin Xuna

    "Was a pleasure working with them and am very satisfied with the results of our TV commercial for Artist Housing's Los Angeles location."

    Nicole Beccera

    "Amazing company, great delivery, and smooth process. This company gave me exactly what I asked for, were flexible with any changes I had, and made the experience super easy. WILL DEFINITELY USE AGAIN!"
  • Dean Schumacher

    "I recently completed a video with Promoshin. The process took some work, but I am happy with the end result and the quality of the work. I'd certainly recommend them, just know you are going to need to push the process along."

    Nathan Wright

    "I collaborated with Promoshin on a video and animated logo to market my company. My target audience is much more visual and this communication method has generated more traffic to my website. Working with Promoshin was easy and they helped me understand the process and guided me to a finished product I am very proud of. I will use Promoshin for all of my following video projects."

    Hamlet Cedeno

    "It was a good experience working with promoshin, the quality of the video, in general, is excellent, and the communication during the process of putting together the job was excellent."
  • Jeffrey Chaskin

    "Promoshin is one of the best production companies I've ever worked with. The entire process was simple and straight forward. The end product was delivered on-time and under-budget, while retaining an extremely high level of quality."

    Megaorb, Inc

    "Promoshin did a first rate job for our 3+ minute video. They "got it" and were extremely thorough and communicative through every step of the process. We needed several versions of our video and they promptly did each version at NO COST to us. I will use them again without reservation or comparison. Great company. Great service. Great product. Big thumbs up for this company"

    Jon Feldman

    "Great quality video for the price and super responsive account manager at every step of the process. They even offer unlimited edits which is rare when working on a tight budget. Highly recommended for any brand looking to create professional video to communicate their narrative."
  • Tara Michelle

    "I hired Promoshin to create a 1 min animated commercial to be used as part of a digital marketing campaign, and was very pleased with the results and the overall experience. The team was friendly, accepting of feedback, kept us updated at every stage, and really understood our vision. We plan to use them again for a future project."


    "Working with Promoshin was a pleasure. At first they reviewed our organization, they understood what we need and created a script for us then they worked with us step by step until completion of the video.
    The Project manger was always available and responsive and made sure we are totally satisfied."

    Katie Johnson

    "Promoshin has made the whole process of having an explainer video made, really easy and they were so patient with all of our changes. Our Project Manager was on the ball and they made all requested changes quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend their services."
  • Drew Fetters

    "A great company that pulls through the ideas in your mind and ably manifests them into reality. Responsive and professional, they know how to get the job done and work well with their customers and clients. I enjoyed working with them and am excited to continue doing so well into the future. I recommend them to anyone who is looking to expand their arsenal of advertisable content and leverage their strengths to build their own client base. "

    Corey Gray

    "Today 2 of the 3 videos are complete and we are thrilled with the entire experience and the quality of the videos. If you are shopping around, I would encourage you to check with Promoshin first, and save yourself some time. They really do what they say their gonna do and they do it well."

    Crye-Leike Insurance

    "I had a video produced by Promoshin for my insurance agency. It was very professional and I have received alot of positive feedback from it. It was well worth the money I spent. The staff was easy to work with and I enjoyed the process. If you decide this is right for you, I urge you to use Promoshin for your video production needs. I will use their services again."
  • Elon, Yep F

    "Great people and superb value - I’d recommend Ben and his great team!"

    David Meeker

    "I used Promoshin for a 90-second video for our company for one of our technical videos. They made it easy to understand and the Promoshin team were extremely professional, always delivering on time and on budget. The quality of the video was exceptional. We will definitely use them again, quality work!"

    Lawyer Up

    "What a wonderful job on our video! We Love it!. Thank you so much for all your patience with our multiple changes and your prompt response to our questions or comments. We will definitely come back to you when we need another video."
  • Steven Garcia

    "Easy to understand pricing model that provides tremendous value. Quick turnaround time through every step of the process. Extremely flexible with revisions."

    Robert Su

    "Easy to work with... great quality... highly recommend"

    D Griff

    "I had a great experience working with Promoshin for my animated Kickstarter explainer video for a card game I had created called MedGunner. Animating is a difficult skill because each frame has to be drawn by hand. I did 2 to 3 edits to the video and the video was completed in approximately 1 month (which is a quick turnaround time for animation). Highly recommend this service."
  • Meher Mehran

    "Very hard working and professional team. We love the short video that they create for us. Great customer service!"

    Sam Herrera

    "Phenomenal company, I would recommend them in fact I’ve I’m doing a second video with them right now because the first one was so good. Love them and can’t rave enough about them. Hire them!"

    Slater Jackson

    "Great and professional service."
  • Eman Talei

    "We used Promoshin to create a video for one of our clients and the project went smooth and the results were great. Our client loved the video as well. We plan to do other projects with Promoshin."

    Rafael Sanchez

    "Company stands behind the services they offer and owner is very trustworthy."

    Tan Tran

    "Very accommodating and easy to work with. They keep working with you until you get what you want. Highly recommended!"
  • Jim Miller

    "Promoshin is wonderful to work with. Their team really listens and then does a great job of bringing to life your vision! The animation is top notch and I couldn't be happier. It was great working with them from the very first phone call right through to project completion. I will be using them for all of my website animation videos in the future. I am the President & CEO of Bucklebury LLC and fully endorse Promoshin for all animated video/marketing needs!"

    Rabbi Kushi Schusterman

    "Wonderful experience, we made a beautiful video and its the gift that keeps giving. they took care of everything from script to animations."

    Jodie Mohr

    "I had an explainer video created with Promoshin starting in Sept 2018 for my website, I am creating. I had a very positive experience working with them and would highly recommend them. Their prices are beyond reasonable compared to other companies out there.
    I worked with Juliette as my project manager. She was courteous, friendly, patient and very responsive. They were very open to my ideas and feedback. I was thrilled with the final product."
  • Joe Pashman Jr

    "A-Z Bus Sales chose to work with Promoshin because the just flat out got it. From our initial phone call to the final cut of our video they made sure that we we capturing the message and vision of our project. I would recommend them to anyone looking to produce an explainer video for their brand or product. - Joe"

    James Webster

    "We are really happy with the video they are creating for us to help us promote our GroFire Reviews Tool that helps businesses have an easy way of requesting online reviews from their customers. We were looking for an effective way to share the message about the importance of online reviews and our video does a great job of that."

    Katharina Pueller

    "Good experience with this company. We made two videos with them and were very satisfied with the results. Professional work at relatively low cost. Good customer service."

Clutch Reviews

  • James Freeman

    General Manager, VPS Guardians Limited
    "We could have been better at making decisions - but it was our first video and they were very patient with us."
    "Promoshin led a solid process. They communicated well and were very patient with the changes that the client suggested. Thanks to the team's effort, the video was a hit and is looking to generate more leads and sales."

    Jasmint Tan

    Marketing Executive, IT Services Company
    "They are very professional, fast, and patient. They also have an extensive list of voice actors to choose from."
    "Promoshin delivered the video production within the deadline. The company plans to use it on their website and Youtube. What stood out the most is their tenacity when it comes to adding details to the designs provided by the client. In the end, the company wants to hire the team again."

    Joe Pashman

    Director of Sales and Marketing, A-Z Bus Sales
    "They were fast and professional throughout."

    "Internal stakeholders expect the video to make a sizable impact when it debuts to a live audience. Promoshin was open to incorporating feedback and exhibited top-level professionalism in all their interactions. Customers can expect a flexible partner."
  • Jay Green

    GM, Crye-Leike Insurance Agency, Inc.
    "They maintained a quick turnaround, even when we requested changes."
    "Promoshin delivered a high-quality video that elicited praise from key stakeholders. The team’s effective work ethic, responsive communication, and reasonable price offering will likely lead to future collaboration."

    James G. Miller

    President & CEO, Bucklebury LLC
    “The finished product is outstanding.”

    "The video created by the Promoshin team is excellent, meeting the requirements of the company and perfectly reflecting the look and feel that they wanted. The collaboration progressed smoothly—the team quickly understood the brand’s aim and took on board feedback well."

    Jon LaClare

    CEO, Harvest Growth
    "Communicating with them is extremely easy."

    "Promoshin's animations have supported profitable, successful marketing campaigns. Their affordable pricing, excellent work quality, and constant communication make them a reliable partner. "
  • Andrew Fetters

    Founder, Optio: Prioritization Station
    "Their ability to produce quality content efficiently and quickly was most impressive."
    "Promoshin’s video got over 5,000 views and was far more successful than previous marketing campaigns the client had run. The team at Promoshin was prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable. They worked independently and needed minimal oversight from the client."

    David Griffin

    CEO, MedGunner LLC
    "Promoshin was quick, responsive, and professional."

    "The vendor's efforts increased traffic and Kickstarter pledges. Promoshin's team was flexible with edits, responsive, and professional. "

    Samuel Jr. Herrera

    Co-owner, Home Acquisitions
    "Promoshin is a phenomenal company, and I can’t rave enough about them."
    "Internal feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to more work for Promoshin. Their expert team inspired confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start. They accept constructive input well, but also brought creative ideas to the table at a reasonable value."
  • Hamlet Cedeno

    VP Marketing, Charcoal Retail Company
    "The communication with Ben and George was smooth, easy, and professional."
    "Promoshin's delivery of the video resulted in a 30–40% increase in the client's newsletter subscribers. The team leads maintained easy yet professional communication. Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, they had no trouble meeting deadlines. They took a structured yet creative approach for the video."

    Tracey Poletti

    Digital Marketing Manager, Password Management Company
    "We appreciated that they were open to our feedback and responsive to any concerns we expressed along the way."
    "Promoshin took client notes in stride to iterate on the video. The project manager was responsive to needs, and the animators were able to implement all requests. The final video went live on YouTube and Facebook, increasing site traffic substantially."

    Nathan Wright

    President, Transformational Performance Solutions
    “Through open communication channels, I was able to get to a product that I knew I liked.”
    "Promoshin executed a product that’s enjoyed a significant amount of views in a short amount of time. The video has also successfully connected the client with other professionals in similar industries. Maintaining open and direct communication, the team guided the client towards the right solution."
  • Joel Symons

    Education, International Board of Perioperative Medicine
    "I will definitely use them again in the future."
    "Promoshin's finalized piece was showcased at an online conference, where it received excellent feedback. The team managed a remote engagement exceptionally well, so their workflow was seamless. The client was particularly impressed by the team's communication, efficiency, and reasonable pricing."

    Model Gun Store

    Founder, Model Gun Store

    "The deliverables were just top-shelf, and that's what it's all about."
    "Promoshin's efforts have received extremely positive feedback in user testing. The project manager was excellent and the workflow was great. "

    DS Plumbing

    Marketing & Growth Coordinator, DS Plumbing
    "Everyone I dealt with was positive and a pleasure to interact with."
    "The video was integral to digital marketing efforts, which produced a 20% increase in sales. Promoshin kept stakeholders updated, and they excelled at adapting their work to feedback. The team was eager to meet stakeholders’ requirements. Deadlines were met.'
  • IT Company

    Marketing and Administration, IT Company
    "They really listened to what we wanted."
    "Though the new site has not yet launched, the video has satisfied all project stakeholders and is expected to be well received. Promoshin was very patient and helpful throughout the process, incorporating all feedback and helping to make sure progress was always being made."

    Religious Organization

    Leader, Religious Organization

    "They deliver on their promises."

    "The video garnered a significant number of views. Excellent project management and effective delivery were hallmarks of this partnership."

    Machine Retailer

    Owner, Machine Retailer

    "The workflow was very effective."

    "The video led to increased sales. Customers can expect quality work."

  • Pet Products Company

    Co-founder, Pet Products Company

    "The team was transparent with the delivery time and all other expectations."
    "Promoshin created a strong video that satisfied all requirements. Their team had good communication and transparency throughout the process. The cost was very reasonable. "

    Custom Framing Company

    Art Director, Custom Framing Company
    "Their communication and openness to new ideas made it very easy to work with them."
    "The final product matched the client's vision. Flexible and responsive, the team met deadlines and made changes as needed. Customers can expect an innovative and collaborative partner."

    Hydrant Repair Startup

    Co-Founder, Hydrant Repair Startup
    "Their pricing model is easy to understand and represents a tremendous value."
    "Fast and flexible, Promoshin delivered a video that met all project requirements. Their focus on feedback implementation helped foster a collaborative engagement. Though they could better adjust to clients’ preferred communication style, their price/quality ratio is unmatched."
  • Katharina Pueller

    Business Development Director, Conagen
    "I had previously done work with them and those projects were successful."
    "The video is of tremendous help in explaining what the company is about. Promoshin led a nearly issue-free process, and while they could work on better setting expectations from the start, they excelled with their positive approach and unlimited revisions."

    Donika Toncheva

    Product Marketer, Stealth Power

    "Their team made sure we were happy every step of the way."
    "When presenting them in meetings to their clients, the videos have become an asset to the business. Promoshin’s exceptional customer service was a notable strength. They were honest and responsive to feedback. Customers can expect a skilled team that consistently provides updates."

    David K. Meeker

    Head of Alliances & Partnerships, Compact Solutions LLC
    "I appreciated their creativity and optimism, along with the fact that they never missed a deadline."
    "Promoshin delivered the video on time and in coordination with budgetary guidelines despite slight delays and a change in the project manager. The team coordinated well to maintain control of the project and foster open lines of communication."

Book Reviews

  • Christopher J. Dean

    Everything you need know about explainer videos in a neat and concise guide- Not how to use video tools or anything like that but more the different types of videos (what works and what doesn't for a given domain) and the different ways they can be created (and the pitfalls that can occur). He even goes into how to write the scripts and where to market the videos. I used Ben to create some explainer videos several years ago and have never regretted that decision. If you think you might need an explainer video to tell a story of your product or service this book is for you.

    Diane Miller

    Great book! It's easy and concise, just like making an explainer video with Ben's company, Promoshin ( Just like my own explainer video, the book breaks down really complicated ideas and sums them up so that anyone can understand them. Pictures may say a thousand words, so this book tells you the many ways to use pictures (and videos). You'll refer to it again and again and not just for videos, but anytime you need a few words to make a big impact. Thanks Ben!

    Antoinette Forth

    We were having a hard time getting our product features understood by potential investors. They understood the business model but didn't grasp the product until we did a demonstration. When you have 10 minutes to pitch investors, it doesn't leave a lot of time for a demo. After trying a number of different approaches, we decided on an explainer video. This book does a great job preparing you for the process. The book starts off by walking you through the process of selecting a vendor and the production process. Then, about mid-way though you get to the fun part - how to figure our your message, audience and the like. This is a great book if you have a communication problem you need to solve. The lessons in the book can be applied to more than just an explainer video. You can use it as a refresher whenever you need to hone your message. The book was easy to read and full of great advice.


    Great read! I've used Ben's video explainer for my small business in the past. I will continue to use his creativity for future endeavors. This book is a easy read and gives me more understanding of his business in making explainer videos as well as why I need an explainer video for my business too.
  • Timo Hänseler

    Love this Book
    So much value
    Cant wait to sell my first professional animated video to my leads !

    Amazon Customer

    If you want to do better business, you want to read this book and seriously take into account these strategies. As I read it, I appreciated the wisdom and insight, first and foremost. But I also enjoyed the laughter that I received through a witty writing style and some great humor. Message delivered masterfully, and message received. Previously, I’d never seriously considered a video for my business, as I was single-minded, thinking of “me” on film. Honestly, I didn’t like that. So when the thought of explainer videos using animation was introduced to me, I was interested, because I know two things: 1) I run a professional business, and 2) I am always open to more of the right types of business. Explainer videos can do that. The only thing left for me to do is get started! And I am going to.

    Alon Pashut

    Brilliant book. I am in the middle of having Ben and his team prepare a video for me and the advice is invaluable.
    I read it twice yesterday, the day I bought it and once more today. Not only is the book well written but the information it contains is incredible. Ben is clearly second to none when it comes to the business of animated videos.
    The scary part about reading the book is that it makes you realize how much is involved in making an animated video. And not only must the video look good it needs to form part of an elaborate ecosystem for the product or service you are selling which has to be amazing too.
    So my advice to anyone is that if you are thinking of making an animated video don't do it without buying this book and then once you have understood the concepts involved get Ben and his team to do the job for you. its as simple as that. My video is not yet done but I just know it will be awesome.

    Amazon Customer

    Excellent book on explainer videos. These guys are the best in the industry! The book is concise, easy to follow, and a wealth of information. Must read!!
  • Amazon Customer

    I liked this book. It taught me a lot about the explainer video production process, and what to watch out for in case I ever make one for my website. The author did a really nice job of explaining the tradeoffs between the "artsy" stuff that can cost money vs the down to earth decisions that can get the job done without wasting money. And some of the cartoon humor cracked me up! I recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of getting an explainer video made, or who is interested in the production process behind the scenes.


    Great Book!! Clever, funny, and right on point. I have produced an explainer video with Ben Marvazi's company, Promoshin, and they are incredible as well. If you dont have an explainer video for your company this is a great place to start. It will help you determine how a video can help your company and will lay the ground work for your part of the production process.

    Crystal Ratcliffe

    will be very useful in my social media Internet Marketing business


    A whole lot of information about explainer videos in a condensed, easy-to-read format. All you need to know if you are looking to get one made. I wish I had had this available before I started searching for the best way to make one as it would have sped up the whole process. Ben Marvazi's transparency throughout the book is remarkable. My only word of caution would be that information can sometimes be our enemy, and while I am happy to have learned so much on the topic, I need to realize the team working on my video still knows infinitely more than I do. So, the one thing I would add to Chapter 5, relating to the questions you should ask when contracting someone or a team, would be about ensuring the provider you want to work with will speak up in case they disagree with your requests. After all, if we clients are contracting such a pool of skills and knowledge, why not best use it? This is maybe where the book adds the most value, i.e. by explaining to us in a very efficient way the different components of the producing process and how they interact with each other, allowing us to then have an open mind when starting the whole thing, which in turn should lead to a higher-quality outcome.
  • Amazon Customer

    We were having a hard time grasping the best way to create digital content that was meaningful to our customers. We used everything from consultants to full on training, but we never hit the mark. Finally, we found Ben's book, and it really opened our eyes. It was easy to understand, and it explained it in a way where we could take action and really drive great content.

    Amazon Customer

    Really great book on explainer video! Very easy read and gives terrific direction on how to create an explainer video for a new business. Definitely helped me avoid pitfalls that one can easily hit when embarking on the task of making a video. Quick read, highly recommend it for any new and experienced entrepreneur.

    Amazon Customer

    If you've ever explored the minefield of explainer video production you will already understand the complexity involved and the bewildering plethora of choice. Ben Marvazi breaks down the barriers in an easy to understand, easy to read book that focuses on what is really important in getting the right outcome. One hour reading this will save you multiple hours of confusion, frustration and most importantly, put you in position to make the best possible choice.

    Amazon Customer

    Very informative, if you're considering an explainer video. But you just can't decide, read this book and your decision to move forward will be an easy one.

    Ben and his team did a video for me about a year ago, turned out great, I'll be doing a second one soon.
  • Amazon Customer

    If you've ever explored the minefield of explainer video production you will already understand the complexity involved and the bewildering plethora of choice. Ben Marvazi breaks down the barriers in an easy to understand, easy to read book that focuses on what is really important in getting the right outcome. One hour reading this will save you multiple hours of confusion, frustration and most importantly, put you in position to make the best possible choice.

    W. Monk

    This was the most succinct way I've seen on how to make explainer videos. It was clear, concise, and did a good job of explaining options, trade-offs and likely costs for various types of explainer videos. Plus, it was fun to read!


    My clients and I have loved working with Promoshin. They provide the best videos and customer service. Their patience with our revisions and their persistence on delivering a great video is something that should be highlighted in terms of how they do business.

    Amazon Customer

    Ben Marvazi is a top notch marketeer, if you are looking to increase ROI for your business and you need explainer videos for multiple verticals then this book is for you!. He has helped my team on numerous projects and is a wealth of information for marketing and a driving force to get the project started from concept to running live.

  • Amazon Customer

    Explain Yourself! was the perfect read to get informed before creating an explainer video for my new business. The content is concise and easily digestible, while clearly explaining the ins and outs of marketing/explainer videos. I'd recommend this read for anyone considering adding an explainer video to their site. I know with the advice from this book, I'll create an effective video at a fraction of the cost it would have been had I not read this book! I truly appreciated the quick read from someone who is clearly an expert in the business. Thanks Mr. Marvazi for the great tips!

    W. Monk

    Excellent book on explainer videos. These guys are the best in the industry! The book is concise, easy to follow, and a wealth of information. Must read!!


    This book is a great read for a 1st time buyer of an explainer video to grow their brand. I personally purchased a video through the author's company, and what I believed I would do with the video just scratches the surface of the possibilities after reading this book.

    Amazon Customer

    Ben Marvazi is a top notch marketeer, if you are looking to increase ROI for your business and you need explainer videos for multiple verticals then this book is for you!. He has helped my team on numerous projects and is a wealth of information for marketing and a driving force to get the project started from concept to running live.

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